The Sonic the Hedgehog Online Trading Cards game was released to the public on September 10, 2012 with an announcement on Facebook. They were sent to the email addresses of those who attended Summer of Sonic as a final gift for visiting. Once the user downloads the software onto a device (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Facebook or iPad) and activates the collection, two packs come with the collection for free, with each additional pack costing 1.08 Euros (US$1.45 since August 24, 2013) to purchase. Each pack contains four cards. There is a total of 93 cards, with 90 normal cards and three mystery cards distributed by different means. The Trading Card game was made by Stampii.

"Sonic and Friends" Cards

"Sonic Games" Cards

"Sonic Villains" Cards

"Badnik" Cards

"Classic Series" Cards


  • Certain cards depicting animal friends were given incorrect names; for example, the Ricky card was misnamed as Pocky, another animal friend, and the Picky card was misnamed as Cookie.
  • Shadow's artwork on his card has him in the same pose as his Super Shadow artwork.
  • The symbols for each group of cards contain different elements of the Sonic franchise: Sonic's head for heroes, Doom's Eye for villains, Eggman's head for the badnik cards, a Genesis controller for games, and Classic Sonic for classic cards.

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