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This article is about a subject in the real world.
Information in this article is about real-life people, companies, and objects, and does not relate to the in-universe Sonic series.
All Sonics

Sonic has had a number of action figures released from different toy companies

Sonic the Hedgehog Toys were very few and very rare toys sold during the 1990's. Sonic is a particularly difficult character to sculpt, and toys based on video games were not particularly popular during Sonic's golden years. After the release of Sonic Adventure in 1999, Sonic action figures were released by two companies, ReSaurus and Toy Island and were both received with huge success. Since then a number of toy companies have been taking on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" license and producing toys based on the series.

Toy companies

The following are toy companies that have produced at least one line of Sonic the Hedgehog toys.

Fast food toys


A Sonic Toy set from Burger King

Sonic the Hedgehog in other media

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