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Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 4: Control is the fourth and final volume published in the Sonic the Hedgehog trade-paperback series published by Archie Comics. This volume contains reprints of stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #264-#267.

Official solicitation

BIG CHANGES are coming for SONIC in “CONTROL” When night falls, things get a little hairy! The corrupting energies of Dark Gaia have infected our heroic hedgehog, transforming him into the fearsome Werehog! With his newfound rage and strength unchecked, it’s up to his old buddies Mighty and Ray to tame the savage beast! The adventures never end in this all-new thrilling installment in the Sonic graphic novel series! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG VOL. 4: CONTROL collects SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #264-267.

Reprinted stories

Control Part One: Breaking Point

Control Part Two: Unleashed!

Ambushed! Part One

Ambushed! Part Two

A Nice Day To Start Again

The Grand Tour

Off Panel "Control"

Other features

  • Afterword - By Ian Flynn
  • Production Art - Designing New Friends and Foes
  • Pencil selections
  • Cover concepts


  • The cover for this volume is the same cover for Sonic the Hedgehog #264.
  • Both instances of Sonic the Hedgehog #264's cover-the overall cover and the chapter cover-have the opening page to "Control Part One: Breaking Point", which could be seen through the Werehog's scratches on the original issue, was removed.


Cover artwork

Pencil sketches


Preview pages

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