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Sonic x Vapor is a game made by Sega and Nike to advertise Nike's new Vapor shoes. It is hidden within the video on Nike's YouTube Page.


The game uses Auto Running, the player can control Sonic the Hedgehog by using the space bar to jump and double jump. The player is able to jump on Badniks (referred to as "the opposition") such as Crabmeat and Chopper and collect Rings to gain points. The player can also come across bouncing footballs that Sonic can kick to destroy five or so Badniks in a row, earning the player with ten extra rings. As typical with Sonic games, collision with Badniks, or other hazards, causes the player to lose rings. As the game progresses, the speed picks up, making the game harder, the game ends when the player loses a life, either by colliding with a hazard without any rings, or by falling into a bottomless pit. Afterwards, the player's score is tallied by the distance covered, the amount of rings collected, and how many Badniks were defeated, the player then has the option to upload their score to a Facebook or Twitter account.








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Sonic X Vapor Gameplay

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