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Sonicooking is a 1-vs.-3 in Sonic Shuffle.


The solo player controls a frying pan that the other three players are in. At any time, the solo player can use DreamcastA to use the dial on the stove and heat up the frying pan to send the opponents to the ceiling, but it works only once. The three players move about the pan collecting as many rings as they can. If they are launched toward the boundary, they will lose rings, but quickly return to the pan. The three players can also use DreamcastA to slow their hopping speed.


  • The name of this minigame is a portmanteau of "Sonic" and "cooking."
  • This is the only Sonic Shuffle minigame that does not give out bonuses. It is also the only one where the solo player wins, regardless of how many rings were collected.

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