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Souvenirs (お土産 Odosan?) are collectible items that appear in the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed.


Souvenirs can be brought from the Shops in each of the game's Town Stages with Rings. When the player purchases a souvenir, it can be given it to Professor Pickle, and, in return, he will give the player some advice on how to clear enemies better, unlock missions, clear Action Stages, and defeat bosses. Giving Professor Pickle one souvenir unlocks a trophy/achievement of the game while giving him all the souvenirs will unlock another trophy/achievement.

List of Souvenirs

Name Shop Location Description Directory
Photo Frame (Apotos) Surfside Seagull Sundries A standing frame containing a photo of Apotos. This is a picture frame from Apotos. The seashell motif is quite adorable, don't you think? I can almost hear the sea!
Miniature Flag (Apotos) Surfside Seagull Sundries A replica of the national flag of Apotos. This is Apotos's flag. The blue and white stripes symbolize waves upon the sea to complement the anchor graphic—very fitting, when you think about it.
Potpourri Surfside Seagull Sundries A pouch that fills the air with a pleasant scent. This bag is packed with all sorts of dried flowers. It would make a fine gift for a lady. Mmm, it smells wonderful!
Lace Tablecloth Traveling Salesman Wentos A hand-embroidered table cover. Oh my, look at this! It's a handcrafted piece made only in a small region of Apotos. Note the fine embroidery. To think, each of these is put together by hand!
Water Jug Surfside Seagull Sundries A rare and valuable archaeological artifact (well, a replica of one). This is a replica of an ancient water jug that was unearthed in the area. Supposedly, the people of the time used vessels like these to carry water from its source.
Photo Frame (Spagonia) Josef's A standing frame containing a photo of Spagonia. This is a picture frame from Spagonia. The photo shows a clocktower, the nation's symbol, while the frame just oozes regal luxury.
Miniature Flag (Spagonia) Josef's A replica of the national flag of Spagonia. Ah, it's the Spagonian flag. Look here at the crest: I believe it belongs to the royal family that once ruled the region.
Maschera Josef's An ornate mask. Unfortunately, it isn't Sonic's size. Nobles used to don these masks and cavort the night away. Ha, would you look at the ornamentation? Can't you just picture the extravagant lives people lived back then?
Spagonian Glass Traveling Salesman Wentos Crystal ware whose resonant "clink" punctuates any toast. This is a glass drinking vessel, very fragile, with etchings on its surface. I suppose you'd feel quite dainty sipping your favorite beverage from one of these.
Josef's Jewelry cut in raised relief. The perfect gift for any lady. Spagonia is famed for its craftsmanship, and this piece certainly proves why. It takes tremendous skill to carve a raised relief out of solid stone. Ooh my, it's so lovely... So very... precious.. Hmm? Ah, yes, what was I saying?
Photo Frame (Chun-Nan) Wang's Emporium A standing frame containing a photo of Chun-nan. Ah, this is a picture frame from Chun-nan. The stunning landscape of the photo goes well with the red lacquered woodwork of the frame, hmm?
Miniature Flag (Chun-nan) Wang's Emporium A replica of the national flag of Chun-nan. This is the flag of Chun-nan. The bird depicted is a sacred beast said to watch over the nation's people.
Censer Wang's Emporium A ceramic censer used for burning incense. This implement is used to perfume the air. You place pieces of aromatic plants and what-have-you inside and light the censer to release the scent. Yes, it is very relaxing.
Lantern Traveling Salesman Wentos A hanging lantern lit by the faint glow of candlelight. This is used as a light. My, isn't this craftsmanship simply tremendous? Just put a candle inside, hang it up, and voila! You're in the Far East!
...Well, you have to admit that it feels that way.
Urn Wang's Emporium A vase with a picture painted on its surface. I'm sure you've noticed the lovely painting on the exterior? Well, that was all done by hand. Let's handle this with care, shall we? I'd hate to see it wind up broken.
Photo Frame (Mazuri) Treeshade A standing frame containing a photo of Mazuri. This is a picture frame from Mazuri. A single glance at the uninhabited, wild style of it says as much. Mm, from up close it faintly smells of trees. Lovely!
Miniature Flag (Mazuri) Treeshade A replica of the national flag of Mazuri. This is the Mazuri flag. That baobab tree certainly is very impressive!
Earthenware Pot Treeshade A handmade pot that heats up slowly for a nice, even boil. This is a pot hand-sculpted from clay. It heats slowly, making it perfect for stews and boiled dishes. I'm sure a mother would appreciate this, especially if she has a houseful of discerning palates to please.
Equine Carving Treeshade A hand-carved souvenir that's also the area's most popular. A craft product made locally. It's shaped like an animal called an Ibanga. What? What do you mean it's not an Ibanga? Of course it is! What else would it be? My word!
Talismanic Mask Traveling Salesman Wentos Local craftwork said to ward off evil. A craft product made locally. The mask is carved out of a single tree trunk. Why not hang it by your door as a sort of good-luck charm?
Photo Frame (Holoska) Ursule's Trading Post A standing frame containing a photo of Holoska. This is a picture frame from Holoska. The photo shows a few of the Arctic animals you can only find there. Adorable!
Miniature Flag (Holoska) Ursule's Trading Post A replica of the national flag of Holoska. This is Holoska's flag. That there in the middle is supposed to represent a snow crystal and the stars in the sky.
Nesting Dolls Ursule's Trading Post Dolls of decreasing sizes, placed one inside the last. Look at these dolls. They fit together! See, open the first one, and you'll find a smaller one inside. Open that, and you'll find a smaller one still! And so on. I wonder what the record is for how many of these dolls they've fit in one set. A dozen? A hundred?!
Model Sled Ursule's Trading Post A sled built to scale so it can be put on display. This sled has always been this country's preferred means of transport. Real sleds are exceptionally sturdy, capable of carrying up to one hundred passengers! Or something like that, anyway.
Whale Ornament Traveling Salesman Wentos A miniature whale whittled from solid stone. All of Holoska used to be underwater long ago, or so they say, so its people chose the whale as their symbol. That's why you see them placed around the village. Now wouldn't it be a hoot if they stuck a REAL whale right smack in the middle of the village!? What? What do you mean, "cruel?"
Photo Frame (Shamar) Golden Trading Company A standing frame containing a photo of Shamar. This picture frame is from Shamar. It certainly is exotic! I suppose that in the background is the ruins behind the town, hmm?
Miniature Flag (Shamar) Golden Trading Company A replica of the national flag of Shamar. Ah, this is the Shamarian flag. I can tell from the distinctive sun motif. The white and green are said to represent day and night.
Shamaran Sand Traveling Salesman Wentos The bottled sands of Shamar. Rip-off? Nonsense. Well, it's sand... but not just any sand. You see, sand from the desert is especially powdery. Not that I would PAY for it, but ah, well.
Lunisolar Charm Golden Trading Company A traditional charm carved in relief. It does not deter birds. Since long ago, the sun and moon have had special importance to the people of Shamar. This charm is based on that motif. Hang on to it; maybe it's lucky.
Carpet Golden Trading Company The work of a master. It would cost an arm and a leg abroad. Shamar has always been famous for its carpets, you know. Each one is a work of art woven by hand. They come in all sorts of patterns, and the fancier ones will run you as much as a small house.
Photo Frame (Adabat) Flying Fish Beach Shop A standing frame containing a photo of Adabat. This is a picture frame from Adabat. Blue skies and white sands... Mm, just looking at it makes me eager for my next vacation.
Miniature Flag (Adabat) Flying Fish Beach Shop A replica of the national flag of Adabat. This is Adabat's flag. Four stars representing the cardinal directions surround a dolphin here. It's very beachy, that's for certain.
Hammock Traveling Salesman Wentos A rope hammock. Tie both ends of this to some trees and climb on top for a pleasant nap by the shore. Yaaaawn... Oh, dear. I've gotten sleepy.
Chehaya Charm Flying Fish Beach Shop A common local charm fashioned after the emissary of light. According to legend, the last time the planet was shattered, an emissary arrived with the daylight to put the world back as it was. That must be the fellow you see here on this charm. It's funny, though. I could swear I've seen him somewhere before.
Anji Sculpture Flying Fish Beach Shop A replica of the statues at the ruins. This sculpture depicts Adabat's guardian beast. You'll notice scads of similar statues in the ruins there.
Photo Frame (Empire City) Counter of Dreams 2 A standing frame containing a photo of Empire City. This picture frame hails from Empire City. Very urban and... ahem... hip. Let's call it a show of manmade beauty, hmm?
Miniature Flag (Empire City) Counter of Dreams 2 A replica of the national flag of Empire City. This is Empire City's flag. The many stars represent the many diverse people who live there, while the stripes represent their interconnection. The whole design is a sort of call for unity, if you will.
Magazine Traveling Salesman Wentos The hottest mag on the stand. Read up on all of Empire City's latest. This magazine's pages are chock full of articles about this region. Brenda's stories are especially good reads. She knows how to pull you into the action with her writing.
Jenny Counter of Dreams 2 "The Perfect Friend! She Sings and Bakes, for Goodness Sake!" What a cute doll! I hear parents in Empire City buy dolls for their children when they're born. The dolls are sort of like a first friend, if you will. Oh, look here. This one's named Jenny. Hello there, Jenny.
Jack-o'-Lantern Counter of Dreams 2 A carved pumpkin you put a candle in to creep people out. This is a lantern carved from a pumpkin. They put these on display during holidays. No two are exactly the same.
Photo Frame (Eggmanland) Eggshop A "hip" frame containing photographic proof of how "cool" Eggmanland is. This... This is from Eggmanland, isn't it? I can't say that Eggman and I share the same tastes...
Miniature Flag (Eggmanland) Eggshop A replica of Eggmanland's national flag and the "inspiring" symbol that adorns it. My, this is certainly different! Let me guess: Eggmanland? That man takes self-expression to a whole new level.
Egg Balloon Eggshop A balloon with Eggman's mug on it. Careful you don't let this one get away. Erm, who put Eggman's face on this balloon? That's about as fun as a kick in the pants, if you ask me.
Eggman Poster Eggshop A candid shot of Eggman—signed, of course. It's a poster signed by Eggman himself. Would anybody even buy one of these?
Egg Goggles Eggshop The goggles Eggman always has on. (For ages 3 and under.) These look like the goggles Eggman wears, except this pair is just a replica. Wearing them has no effect. Well, other than the effect of making you feel like a complete dunce, of course.


Sonic Unleashed

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