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Space Gadget
340px-Shadow space gadget
Appearances and Overview
First appearance

Shadow the Hedgehog
(Only appearance)


Gravity-changing outer space station


Space Colony ARK

Stage theme(s)

Space theme

Previous stage

Death Ruins
Mad Matrix
Sky Troops

Next stage

Lava Shelter
Cosmic Fall
Final Haunt

(story mode)

Space Gadget is a stage in the game Shadow the Hedgehog. It is one of five fifth stages and can be reached by completing the Hero mission of Sky Troops, the Normal mission of Mad Matrix, or the Dark mission of Death Ruins.



Guide Mission Objective Tips
Baddoom Destroy the defense systems! Destroy the six defense units. Take the lowest path after the second defense unit


A ≥ 20,000 points
B 17,000 points
C 12,000 points
D 10,000 points
E < 10,000 points

Leads to: Lava Shelter


Find the Chaos Emerald!

  • Objective: Reach the Goal Ring.
  • Tips: This mission is exactly the same as the Hero mission, sans Sonic and a time limit, which must expire if the Normal mission is to be completed. Remember to switch missions on the pause screen if you don't want the Hero mission.

When you reach the second room inside the ARK while riding the saucer, jump off and Homing Attack the Black Wing to bounce to the platform on the other side.

When you reach the room with lasers, use the Black Wings to get to the other side.


A ≥ 26,000 points
B 23,000 points
C 15,000 points
D 10,000 points
E < 10,000 points

Leads to: Cosmic Fall

Shadow the Hedgehog (GC) Space Gadget Hero Mission A Rank03:55

Shadow the Hedgehog (GC) Space Gadget Hero Mission A Rank


Find the Chaos Emerald!

  • Guide: Sonic
  • Objective: Get to the Goal Ring before time runs out (i.e. before Sonic).
  • Tips: Same as Normal mission.


A ≥ 34,000 points
B 31,000 points
C 28,000 points
D 25,000 points
E < 25,000 points

Leads to: Final Haunt

Behind the Secret Door

A warp hole that leaves you high above the goal ring. A zip pad will shoot you to some speed rings and stop right at the goal. Helpful in Hero Mission.


  • The final racing duel between Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 is referenced at the beginning of the stage.
  • Although Sonic is supposedly racing Shadow in this stage, he can never actually be seen in the level.
  • This level is based on Crazy Gadget from Sonic Adventure 2.

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