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'80s Boulevard to Angler
Angler Fish to Archie Sonic X Issue 13
Archie Sonic X Issue 14 to Argus (Sonic Underground)
Argus Event to Big the Cat (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)
Big the Cat (Sonic X) to Burning Blaze
Burning Blaze (Archie) to Chaos Upper
Chaos emeralds to CoroCoro
Coro Coro to Death Egg's Hangar
Death Egg (Sonic Drift 2) to Drakon Sword
Dream-A-Ma-Jig to Egg Cannon
Egg Capsule to Energy Ball
Energy Core to For True Story
Forbidden Zone to Glint
Glitch Sonic (Sonic 2) to Heads or Tails/Transcript
Heal to Icecap Zone
Icicle Valley to Keitaro Hanada
Keith Silverstein to Lava Monsters
Lava Mountain to Main Viewer
Major Eruption to Metal Marauder
Metal Mate to Motorspike
Mount Fate to Omni Viewer
Omnipotence to Power Plant
Power Pylon to Red Tea
Red Titan to Rouge the Bat (Sonic X)/Gallery
Rouge the Bat (disambiguation) to Sega Smash Pack (PC)
Sega Smash Pack 2 to Sleepers
Sleeping Egg to Sonic Boom (move)
Sonic Boom (series) to Sonic Universe Graphic Novels
Sonic Universe Issue 4 to Sonic the Hedgehog (2013)
Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit) to Speed Slider
Speed Slider boss to Super Sonic/Gallery
Super Sonic (Archie) to The Final Fight
The Final Weapon to Translate This
Translate This/Transcript to Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car
Walk Mode to Yuji Naka
Yuji Uekawa to Ω

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