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'80s Boulevard to Angela Hopkins
Angelo DeCesare to Archie Sonic Universe Issue 75
Archie Sonic Universe Issue 76 to Archimedes the Fire Ant
Arctic Freedom Fighters to Big Griz
Big Gun to Built For Speed
Bull Bones to Chaos Inferno
Chaos Info to Constable
Constable Holmes to Dash Rings
Dash Skill to Dr. Ovi Kintobor
Dr. Ovi Kintobor (Sonic the Comic) to Efrika Egg Army
Egg-Cerberus to Emerald Ocean
Emerald Radar to Flower
Flower Cannon to Giant ring
Giants for Offensive Occupation and Nullification to Hardlight Studio
Hariisen to I've Found My Home
IMac to Junk Food Boogey Guy
Junko Kitanishi to Lady Liberty
Lady Walrus to Ma Bruise
Maaya Sakamoto to Melee Attack
Melissa Hutchison to Modern Tails
Mods to Nonaggression
Noriko Hidaka to Platform
Plax to Rail Canyon (Tails Skypatrol)
Rail Linker to Roll it! Heavy Ball
Roller to Sea Monster
Sea Pawn to Single-Layered Extreme
Sinking Pools to Sonic Advance 2
Sonic Advance 2/Gallery to Sonic Rush Adventure Flash
Sonic Rush Adventure Original Soundtrack to Sonic the Comic Issue 61
Sonic the Comic Issue 62 to Space Theater
Space Trip Steps to Submarine Robotnik
Submerbia to Techno-Teacher/Transcript
TechnoSqueek to Tornado Defense Act I
Tornado Defense Act II to V. Maximum Overdrive
V. Maximum Overdrive Attack to Working Together In Harmony
Working Together in Harmony to Ω

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