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'80s Boulevard to Anna
Announcer to Archie Sonic X Issue 23
Archie Sonic X Issue 24 to Arlo the Armadillo
Arm Swing to Bingo Highway
Bingo Party to Buzz Bombers
Buzz Bombers' Revenge to Charlie Kick
Charlie Schlatter to Cowbot
Cowbot/Transcript to Denise
Deo Volente to Durendal
Dust Hill to Egg Grape
Egg Grape Chamber to Evan Susser
Everett Bradley to Frigate Orcan
Frigate Skullian to Gravity Control Switch
Gravity Dive to Hidden Palace Zone
Hidden Palace Zone (Sonic 2 Beta) to Ixis Naugus
Ixis Naugus (SatAM) to Kncukles the Echidna (Archie)/Gallery
Knecapeon to Lightning Master
Lightning Shield to Mark Edens
Mark Eyles to Mighty the Armadillo
Mighty the Armadillo (Archie) to NKOK
Nack to Party Mode
Party Pooper to Project Needlemouse
Project Shadow to Rob'O the Hedge
Rob (Sonic the Comic) to Sally Acorn (MxYL)
Sally Acorn (Pre-Super Genesis Wave) to Shark Island
Sharka Khan to Sonic's adopted parents
Sonic's birthday to Sonic Jam
Sonic Jr. to Sonic the Comic Issue 153
Sonic the Comic Issue 154 to Sonic the Hedgehog Spin Attack
Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball to Steel
Steel Axe to Takashi Thomas Yuda
Takashi Yoshida to Titan (Sonic Unleashed)
Titan (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) to Underworld
Underzone to Windmill Isle/Gallery
Windy Hill to Ω

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