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'80s Boulevard to Andreas Avancini
Andrew Paull to Archie Sonic Universe Issue 46
Archie Sonic Universe Issue 47 to Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 72
Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 73 to Beatdown
Beating Eggman, Part 1 to Bonus Zone
Bonus stage to Caterkiller (Archie)
Caterkiller (Sonic the Comic) to Christopher Thorndyke (Sonic X comics)
Christopher Welch to Crisis City (Sonic Generations)
Critical Attack to Destruction Troops/Gallery
Destruction of Knothole to Dulcy (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)
Dulcy (SatAM) to Egg Falcon
Egg Fighter to Enviro-Fete '98
Episode 11: Fly Spy to Focke-Wulf
Fockewulf to Gigan Rocks
Gigantic Angel to Hammerhead (Sonic the Comic)
Hammerspace to Hudson Soft
Huge Crisis to Josef
Josef's to Knuckson
Kodos to Locky
Log to Materials
Mathbot to Mike Pollock
Mike the Ox to Mystic Caves
Mystic Caves Zone to Outer Forest
Outer Ordinary Event Research to Power Stomp
Power Stomp Challenge to Red Rings
Red Rock to Rotor-Zilla
Rotor (MxYL) to Secret Service
Secret Spear to Sir F-Fuzzy Logik
Sir Galahad to Sonic 195
Sonic 199 to Sonic Reversi Hyper
Sonic Ride to Sonic the Comic Issue 214
Sonic the Comic Issue 215 to Sonic the Screen Saver/Gallery
Sonic the Summer Special to Steel Gauntlet
Steel Helmet to Tails Combo
Tails Cyclone to Thunderhawk
Thunderhawk the Echidna to Turquoise Hill
Turquoise Hill Zone to Water Robotnik
Water Shield to ZERO (Sonic X)
Zachary to Ω

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