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'80s Boulevard to An Underground Odyssey
Ana to Archie Sonic Universe Issue 14
Archie Sonic Universe Issue 15 to Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 30
Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 31 to Barney
Baron's Tank to Blue Cube
Blue Cyclone to Cactus
Cactus (Sonic Lost World) to Chaosblast
Chaosbot to Combo Level Up
Combot to Danielle
Danny to Doctor Fukurokov
Doctor Fukurokov (Archie) to E-101 Mark II (Archie)
E-101 Mark II (Pre-Super Genesis Wave) to Egg Jet (Sonic the Comic)
Egg Keeper to Espio
Espio-Zilla to Focused Homing Attack
Fog Machines to Giant Ring (Sonic the Comic)
Giant Robot to Gun Lift
Gun Pawn to Horizontal Bar
Horizontal Bars to Jellies
Jello Wobbla to Knights of the Round Table
Knights of the Underworld to Light Cores
Light Dash to Marauder Scout
Marauder Vet. Scout to Meta Jungura Zone
Metal-o-Turtle to Modern Sonic
Modern Tails to Nigel Dobbyn
Nigel Kitching to Peppepe
Pepper to Prison Island (Sonic Adventure 2 stage)
Prison Island (place) to Retro Orbital Chaos Compressor
Revenge of the Robot to Rouge: The Bombardier
Rouge: The Temptress to Secret Key
Secret Kick to Silver the Hedgehog/Gallery
Silver the Hedgehog (2006 boss) to Sonic '06/Artwork
Sonic (Archie) to Sonic Labyrinth/Gallery
Sonic Leap to Sonic the Comic Issue 141
Sonic the Comic Issue 142 to Sonic the Hedgehog Binders
Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Pack to Spirit of the Herd
Splash Canyon to Super silver
Super tails to The Doom
The Doomsday Project to Town Mission 17: The 100 Forgotten Rings
Town Mission 17: The Test of Memory to Valdez the Chameleon
Valley Folk to Wing Fortress Zone
Winged Victory to Zousar

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