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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Spectre is a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians, and one of the many ancestors of Knuckles the Echidna. The son of the lost Guardian Tobor, father of Sojourner, Spectre became the oldest living Guardian in Knuckles' tenure after his great-grandfather Mathias, grandfather Hawking, and father Tobor died, Mathias and Tobor in battle with the Dark Legion and Hawking of old age. Known as the most violent and unpredictable of the Guardians, he is disapproved of by his descendants. Spectre was last seen defending the Master Emerald from Dr. Eggman's forces and then disappeared, having been captured by Dr. Finitevus and then sent to the Twilight Zone.

Spectre is unusual among the Guardians for several things: his black coat of fur, a cloud of smoke that trails him everywhere, blood-red eyes, and a silver open-faced helmet and flowing black robes resembling those common among the Dark Legion (it should be noted that, for most of his life, he was raised by a Dark Legionnaire, Moritori Rex, who was impersonating his father).


Early life

Little is known of Spectre's early life before he appeared with the rest of the Brotherhood before Knuckles at Haven. He was still an infant when his father Tobor became Guardian of Angel Island, and was still very young when his father was replaced by Moritori Rex. His early years are a mystery that likely have some connection with his unusual, and fear inspiring, appearance.


Little is known about Spectre's tenure as Guardian. However, it is known that Spectre made speech to the people of Echidnaopolis and rallied them during one of the Dark Legion's many attempts to take over the city upon escaping from the Twilight Zone. In his speech, Spectre said: "It is my conviction that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert defeat into victory. In every dark hour of our society, a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with the understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential in achieving the desired goal. I am convinced that you will again give that support to the leadership in these critical days."

Member of the Brotherhood

Spectre and the rest of the Brotherhood were introduced to Knuckles shortly after all the Echidnas returned to Angel Island with the city of Echidnaopolis. Prior to that time, Spectre was the most vocal in any objection to Locke's performing experiments on his son to make him a more powerful Guardian, and would later repeat this view stating that where he had once spoken from intuition, he now spoke from experience. Of all the Brotherhood he appeared the most suspicious of Moritori Rex when the true Tobor briefly appeared with Knuckles before carrying Kragok with him into the Twilight Zone. He joined in the pursuit when Moritori was exposed, and later blinded the imposter's cybernetic eyes. Prior to this encounter, Spectre and Locke were the only Guardians to escape capture by the Dark Legion when Dimitri attempted to seize control of Echidnaopolis through political means.

Later, Spectre was the major spokesman for the Brotherhood when Sally Acorn approached them for aid against Dr. Eggman, which Spectre reluctantly denied based on the Kingdom of Acorn's refusal to use artillery. Then, during the Legion's Quantum Beam offensive, Spectre joined with the rest of the Brotherhood and Mathias in attacking the Grand Conservatory where the Legion had established their base. Caught in the effects of the Quantum Beam, Spectre and the others were sent to the Twilight Zone.

Thanks to the efforts of the amazingly powerful Chaos Knuckles, the Brotherhood and the rest of Angel Island's populace returned, the Brotherhood find Haven a ruin. Spectre, his senses more highly attuned than those of the others, was quick to report that he sensed the deaths of Mathias, Hawking, and a third being unbeknownst to Spectre, his father Tobor, as they passed into "the next evolution", or the afterlife. After the Xorda's failed attack on Mobius, Spectre joined his son Thunderhawk as well as Sojourner and Sabre in defending the Master Emerald from an invasion launched by Dr. Eggman Robotnik. Fighting bravely, the Guardians turned back Eggman's forces, but were left weakened and thus easy prey for Dr. Finitevus. After analyzing both the Guardians and Moritori Rex, he sent them all to the Twilight Zone.


Spectre has a deep-rooted hatred for the Dark Legion far more passionate than that of any other members of the Brotherhood, possibly stemming from being raised by Moritori Rex. He is violent and very aggressive, and seems to have a rather bizarre code of combat: he thinks it is vulgar to strike enemies physically when he can dispatch them with the Chaos Force. Spectre seems to enjoy violent acts, and has little regard for the opinions of his fellow Guardians. Still he does have an honorable side, as shown by his cordial interactions with Princess Sally. He also seems to be of the mindset that altering the natural order willfully is dangerous and foolish, as he vocalized in his objections to Knuckles being transformed into a mutant. It is possible that his own past experiences may be the reason for his conviction, or it could just be a natural element of his views.


Like all Guardians, Spectre draws Chaos power through his link with the Master Emerald. However, Spectre possesses either a greater command of it than most of his compatriots or otherwise simply uses it more extensively than they do. His uses of it include teleportation, enhanced senses, telekinesis, and beams of pure energy that he uses in combat.

Light Mobius

Spectre also appeared in the alternate Light Mobius future. He continued to operate in Haven II as a member of the Brotherhood along with his son Sojourner. The two also took care of Sabre, who was confined to a wheelchair and in a vegetative state. When Sojourner asked why Knuckles promised Julie-Su he wouldn't spy on the family, Spectre reminded his son of Julie-Su's family, adding that Lien-Da should be "languishing in a dungeon for the rest of her days." When Sojourner got the satellite feed working for inside Lien-Da's house, Spectre sarcastically asked Knuckles if he was doing this to find out what Lara-Su and her friends do behind his back. (StH: #134)

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