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Knuckles' Chaotix
Speed Slider

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Speed Slider (スピードスライダー Supīdosuraidā?) is one of the stages in Knuckles' Chaotix.


As the name suggests, Speed Slider has a high emphasis on speed and is built for characters such as Mighty and Espio, as they are among the fastest characters in the game. This stage includes balloons (which can be used as springs in the air), big bells (which can send the player to a lower section of Speed Slider), and a spring to that springs the player up if stood up top of it for a while. The music of the stage is high-speed and upbeat, fitting of the stage and its name.


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The carousel sees the player and partner trapped near a carousel from which Robotnik will launch a rocket, while Dr Robotnik himself hides in the center of the machine. Although this ride resembles a carousel, the "horses" on poles are replaced by spiked platforms. The player is unable move around normally because the floor is rotating. If the player attempts to move around by jumping, he/she is exposed to the spiked platforms. In order to defeat the boss, the player must successfully hit its blue Dark Ring rotating around its middle eight times, avoiding the platforms.