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Speedbeats Grand Prix: Sonic Riders Original Soundtrack is the original soundtrack used for Sonic Riders. It was composed by Tomonori Sawada, Kenichi Tokoi and Fumie Kumatani.


  1. Sonic Speed Riders (1:42)
  2. Start-Up Your EX Gear! (1:26)
  3. Eggman Again! (1:28)
  4. Theme of Metal City (2:56)
  5. Theme of Babylonian (3:30)
  6. Legend of Babylonians (0:43)
  7. Theme of Splash Canyon (4:13)
  8. Theme of Egg Factory (3:27)
  9. Theme of Green Cave (3:23
  10. Get Ready for the Big Event (2:24)
  11. Theme of Sand Ruins (5:06)
  12. Rise of the Babylon Garden (0:36)
  13. Theme of Babylon Garden (4:26)
  14. Theme of Digital Dimension (4:26)
  15. High Flying Groove (3:16)
  16. The Real Treasure (0:28)
  17. Catch Me If You Can (3:44)
  18. Survival Step (2:13)
  19. Theme of SEGA Carnival (4:08)
  20. Sonic Speed Riders (Electro Express Mix) (4:47)
  21. Catch Me If You Can (Rockin' Beats Mix) (5:41)

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