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Quotation1 Blaze pirouettes through enemies while she is surrounded by flames. Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog: Official Game Guide

Spinning Claw (スピニングクロー Supiningukurō?) is a technique used by Blaze the Cat in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When using this move, Blaze spins along the ground whilst unleashing a ring of fire that damages anything she touches.



Blaze using Spinning Claw.

When using this move, Blaze spins around in a manner similar to a ballet spin cycle, where she balances on the lateral arch of her right foot while crossing her left leg over her right leg, slightly lifting her left foot and extending her arms away from her body. While spinning, Blaze can move in any direction on the ground at constant speed. At the same time, Blaze uses her pyrokinetic abilities to create a wide ring of flames that damages anything it touches.

To perform the Spinning Claw during gameplay, the player must hold down PSSquareButton/XboxX and then release it. The player can then use the control stick to steer Blaze. Spinning Claw will automatically end after the move has been executed for more than a couple of seconds. However, it can be manually stopped if the player presses PSSquareButton/XboxX while performing it.

While the Spinning Claw is a great method of quickly dealing with several enemies at once, the abrupt ending after performing the move for too long makes it dangerous to use when surrounded by large groups of enemies.


  • The Spinning Claw is strikingly similar to the Flames of Kilekion and Burst Dash.
  • If the player do it in the correct time while jumping, the player can glitch the Spinning Claw making it expands in time and move on water, enabling to explore other sections in Wave Ocean.[1]


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