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Spiny (ランダー Randā?, lit. "Lander") is a Badnik created by Doctor Robotnik that first appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Spiny is small Badnik that moves slowly on floors or even on walls at factory and space themed zones. However these Badniks are capable to shoot energy projectiles from the top of their heads.


The Spiny is one of a select few Badniks whose designs are not obviously based on any animal or living creature, though comparisons can be drawn with barnacles and anemones. These robots would scuttle about their territory using the five grippers located on their underside. These grippers were so strong, that not only could they crawl along the ground, they could also be seen up on high walls, without any hamper to their speed or attack.

The body of the Spiny was extremely small, with its two photo-receptors jammed close together near a red spout at the top. From this spout prongs shout up around it, protecting it from the volatile chemicals it was creating inside its body. Standard Spiny colors were mainly gray with a bit of red mixed in, especially for the spout region.

Powers and abilities

The Spiny will crawl around its domain, waiting for enemies to approach. When a target is sighted, its prongs will unfold from the top like a flower blooming. After a short time upon opening, they will shoot out a energy projectile toward the target. Sonic made sure to time his jumps just right to destroy or avoid the acidic robot.

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Spiny sprite

Spiny's first appearance is in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where it can be found at Chemical Plant Zone. In this game, the can appear alone or in pairs. They can be found on both the ground or on the walls where they can move back and forth.

These Badniks will stop for second and starts firing energy projectile from top of it. If Spiny fires projectile while walking on walls, the projectile will fall faster. The player can destroy these Badniks by using Spin Jump, Spin Attack and Spin Dash.

Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

Spiny Pocket Adventure

Spiny makes another appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, as these Badniks are featured at Secret Plant as only enemies, that appear in the zone. Spiny Badniks have slightly different appearance as being colored as pink and white. Despite the appearance, Spiny badniks have same attack pattern from first appearance.

Sonic Colors

Spiny Badniks make return appearance on Wii version of Sonic Colors, as these Badniks can be found at Starlight Carnival and Asteroid Coaster. In this game, Spiny Badniks have received a slight redesign in the game. These Badniks can be found normally moving on side walls. Spiny Badniks can shoot energy projectiles from top of it, although projectiles pop out and move much slower. Apparently, the player cannot destroy these Badniks.

Sonic Generations

Spiny Badniks make another appearance in console versions of Sonic Generations. Retaining the same model from their appearance in Sonic Colors, they appear at Chemical Plant. Spiny Badniks appear to have same attack pattern from previous games and these Badniks can also be destroyed normally. Spiny Badniks appear have similar attack pattern on classic act while in modern act, Spiny Badniks appear in the open area, as being easily destroyed by boost.

In other media

Spiny the Comic

Spiny as it appears in Sonic the Comic.

Sonic the Comic

A single Spiny makes short appearance in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic's issue 37, as it was discovered by Tails during travelling through the Chemical Plant Zone with the Flock. Using Tails' microputer, Sab opened a security door and was confronted by a bomb flying through the gap. Tails and others dodged the attack, while Sab quickly destroys the Spiny with her gun.


  • As Sonic attacks towards Spiny Badniks with boosting or Homing Attack in modern act of Sonic Generations, Badniks have sad look on face at one second before getting destroyed.





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