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Quotation1 Increases jump height! Quotation2
Description, Sonic Jump Fever

The Spring Shoes are a power-up that appear in Sonic Jump Fever. They grant the user enhanced jumping abilities for a limited time.


The Spring Shoes appear as a pair of shoes that bare a strong resemblance to Sonic's Power Sneakers, albeit with wings attached to them at the cuffs.


In gameplay, Spring Shoes can be obtained at random by breaking TVs. Once in effect, all jumps performed by the user will launch them higher than usual, allowing the player to scale vertically up the stage much faster. Also, the sound effect of the user's mid-air jumps have been modified. The effect's duration is represented on-screen as a circular gauge that depletes over time. Spring Shoes ends once the gauge depletes, the player touches an enemy or obstacle, or falls below the screen. The player can extend the duration of Spring Shoes by spending Rings to upgrade for a user.

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