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The Sprinkler in Sonic Lost World.
First Appearance

Sonic Colors

Other Appearances

Sonic Colors

Sonic Generations

Sonic Lost World


Dr. Eggman



Sprinkler is a Badnik that debuted in Sonic Colors. It is a giant flying pot that throws Rings, bombs, and spiked balls at Sonic the Hedgehog.


Sprinkler Redesign

Sprinkler as it appears in Sonic Generations.

Sprinkler resembles a orange pot with a blue eye (as most of the Badniks in Sonic Colors had) that can fly. It has three spikes as its feet, and the lower half of its body is completely gray. It has a hole on its head, where it can release spike balls, bombs and rings.

However, Sprinkler had a redesign on its appearance. Although it still looks like a orange pot with a black line on its lower torso, its eyes are now tan and are under the upper torso. It has a blue line under the hole of the pit, and a tan bar in the middle of the pot.

Sprinkler received another redesign in Sonic Lost World, only it remains in a similar form similar to its Sonic Colors appearance. It appears a a flower pot and is colored green.

Game appearances

Sonic Colors

Sprinkler first appeared in Sonic Colors, but it was unnamed at the time. It appears in the Tropical Resort stage, as well as the Planet Wisp stage. It throws spike balls and rings at Sonic and following the player along some time. It cannot be destroyed, even if using a Wisp.

Sonic Generations

Sprinkler reappears in Sonic Generations. Its attack pattern remains the same as from Sonic Colors, except it throws bombs instead of spike balls.

Sonic Lost World

Sprinkler badniks reappear in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. They appear in Frozen Factory Zone Four, where they serve the same role as how they did in both Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations with the same attack pattern.


  • The name "Sprinkler" was not used until Sonic Generations came out. However, the name was originally revealed in the BradyGames Strategy Guide for Sonic Colors for the Wii.
  • The Sprinkler, the Mole and the Big Chaser were the only new Badniks in Sonic Colors.




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