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"Spyhog" is the twenty-fifth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was written by Ben Hurst and was first aired on 26 November 1994.




At a factory in Robotropolis, Uncle Chuck waits until the Swat-bots are not looking and slips away from his workplace to head up to the control room to gather more intelligence for Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, not noticing having been spotted by Snively as he made his way across the upper corridor. Once in the control room, Uncle Chuck retrieves the schematics for the robot tankers that are due to ship out soon to head for Robotnik's Project Doomsday, but before he can get the shipping schedule, he's confronted by Snively. Saying that a fuse malfunctioned and he's resetting it, Uncle Chuck leaves, but Snively is still suspicious.

A short while later, Sonic arrives at his uncle's hideout with a chili dog for him, while his uncle hands him the disk carrying the schematics on it. After revealing how Snively almost caught him, Sonic tries to convince his uncle to call it quits with his spying and return to Knothole, but Sir Charles refuses until Robotnik is defeated for good. After checking to make sure the coast is clear, Uncle Chuck has Sonic head back to Knothole with his latest intelligence.

Meanwhile, at the still under construction Project Doomsday, Robotnik checks in with Snively regarding the tankers, and asks for an update on where Snively stands with them. After Snively reports that he's ahead of schedule by a few minutes, neither realize their conversation is being picked up by Uncle Chuck at his hideout. When he learns that the tankers are shipping out in the morning, he sends word to the Freedom Fighters.

Once the Freedom Fighters learn of the tankers being sent to Project Doomsday, they set up a plan to sabotage the fuel tanks. While Sonic lures away the Swat-bot guards by playing on their programming to pursue him as top priority, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine use special magnetic suits to cling to the underside of the tankers so they can sabotage them. Sally suffers her suit malfunctioning when a wire comes loose, but Antoine saves her from being spotted by the remaining Swat-bot escorts until she can repair it. Meanwhile, Snively sees the pursuit of Sonic and contacts Robotnik. When Robotnik discovers the reduced escort, he orders Snively to send the ones pursuing Sonic back to the convoy as Sonic is a diversion. When Sonic sees the Swat-bots pursuing him stop and head back, he realizes the others are in trouble. Sonic uses a Power Ring to double-time it back via the sewers. Just as Sally is sabotaging the last tank, the convoy is halted, and the Freedom Fighters are forced to surrender to the Swat-bots. However, Sonic arrives and knocks them over, buying time for the Freedom Fighters to escape back into the sewers.

At Project Doomsday, Robotnik is livid at how the Freedom Fighters have disrupted his operations at least four times within the last four weeks and wonders how they are predicting his every move. Before Snively can answer, Robotnik realizes they have a spy. Back in Knothole, Antoine is hamming it up regarding saving Sally from being discovered, but Sonic is still concerned about his uncle.

In Robotropolis, Robotnik has Snively wear a special device that prevents whatever they are saying from being picked up by the spy's equipment and orders him to conduct an electronic sweep of their headquarters. Soon, they find Uncle Chuck's bug and have a Tech-bot sabotage it, knowing that the spy will have to come to fix or replace it, then they'll have him. Meanwhile, Rotor has repaired both one of Robotnik's vehicles and security transponders so they can enter Robotropolis without detection. After seeing his project, they use the transponder to find out Robotnik has discovered Uncle Chuck's bug, to their horror. They send a message back telling the others about this.

What follows is where Antoine, in a bid to help Uncle Chuck, ends up being caught instead, leaving him to be tortured by Snively, forcing Sonic to save him, but protecting Uncle Chuck a little longer. However, it turns out that when the bug was discovered, Snively ordered a scan to find a match and Uncle Chuck is discovered by a Tech-bot. He is captured and his hideout is destroyed, which Sonic discovers upon coming back to check on him. Robotnik is stunned to see Sir Charles, who Snivley explains is the real spy, but Uncle Chuck refuses to disclose any info on Knothole. All Robotnik has to do is try to reactivate Sir Charles' Robian programming, and he'll tell Robotnik whatever he wants to know. Luckily, Sonic arrives to save his uncle before he could spill the location of Knothole to Robotnik, and after leaving Robotnik, Snively, and the Swat-bots in a whirlwind that Sonic churns up, uncle and nephew escape to regroup with Sally and Bunnie.

Sonic tells his uncle he must come back to Knothole as his cover has been blown but, having anticipated the loss of his first hideout, Uncle Chuck has another one ready and waiting to be used, and with Robotnik having seen his face, Uncle Chuck disguises himself as a Tech-bot so he can continue his spy work. After a heartfelt good-bye with Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie telling him to stay safe and how they will still miss him back in Knothole, the Freedom Fighters depart on their Hover Unit to return home, as Uncle Chuck watches them leave as a couple of tears fall from his Robian eyes.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Ёжик Шпион Spy Hedgehog


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