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The Star Light Zone boss is the fifth boss in the original 16-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog, which the player encounters at the end of Star Light Zone Act 3. Like all other bosses, it is piloted by Dr. Robotnik, who has equipped his mobile with a shoot on its underside that drops mines. Normally, the player has to hit Dr. Robotnik eight times to defeat him.


The player reaches to the arena with three empty seesaws, while Dr. Robotnik will start dropping mines from his mobile. These mines will explode, either on contact with Sonic or after a short period of time (indicated by the mines blinking red rapidly before exploding). As taking place in a flat arena with three seesaws on the ground, the player is able to utilize them during the battle, while Robotnik flies around the top of the screen, out of reach of Sonic's Spin Jump.

Rather than aiming to drop mines on Sonic, Dr. Robotnik will drop them on the ends of the three see-saws. By jumping on the opposite side of a see-saw that has a mine on it, Sonic can send it flying upwards. If a mine strikes the mobile, it will explode and cause damage to it. Also, if Sonic is standing on a see-saw when a mine lands on the opposite side, Sonic himself will be sent upwards, allowing him to damage the mobile himself.

Eight hits are required to defeat Dr. Robotnik, after which, Sonic can progress to the goal and open the zone's capsule before proceeding to the Scrap Brain Zone. In the Game Boy Advance port, Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, the player is able to reach the flying mobile easily by jumping in the middle of the seesaw to hit him.



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