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This page explains how to obtain every Red Star Ring in Starlight Carnival.


Act 1

  1. Right after the first checkpoint, get the Blue Wisp, and use the Blue Cube Color Power to break the blocks below you and collect the rings on the right. Use the cube again to break the blocks above and Double Jump to grab the Red Star Ring.
  2. (Pink Spikes needed) Right after the first checkpoint also, get the Blue Wisp, but instead of going down, go up on the platform there and use the Blue Cube to solidify the Blue Rings into Blue Blocks. Climb up to the very top where you should find a 1 Life. Double Jump over the pit to the right, then use a boost and jump across the other pit to the right. Get the Pink Wisp, then Stomp through the blocks below and go down. Use Pink Spikes on the left to go collect the Red Star Ring in the corner.
  3. After the second checkpoint, when you are on the speedway chased down by Moto Bugs that you need to take down (after falling down), stick to the right side until you collect a Red Star Ring on the way.
  4. Right after the third checkpoint, get the Blue Wisp, then use the Blue Cube to get across the Blue Blocks blocking your path and Double Jump off to the right on some blocks in the air. Climb up some more to spot a Red Star Ring above on the left. Jump there and collect all the Blue Rings apart from the one underneath the medal. Then use cube again and double jump to the block under the medal to collect it (or go the long way around).
  5. After the fourth checkpoint, you will go under some pressing devices. After the second one, grab the Blue Wisp and use it when you spot some Blue Cubes ahead to create Blue Blocks. Jump on the spring above them to get on top of the pressing device, then go right and use the next cube power to get to the spring below. Then go right again once on the device to collect a hidden Red Star Ring.

Act 2

(Spike Power Needed for All)

  1. At the start, take the blue capsule and use cube power to go down. Then use cube again to smash the crates and collect the pink capsule. Use spike power to go right into the small passageway and continue up the wall to find the first medal.
  2. After collecting the first medal, continue all the way up to the top of the room and jump over the gap to the left. In the top-left corner is a red medal. Jump on the explosive crates and grab the other pink capsule, then use spike power again and cling to the left wall, then go up and follow the wall to the ceiling to get the second red medal.
  3. After getting medal 2, go back right and down the wall you came up from. Open the door on the right by pressing the switch on the left, then quickly go through and follow the walls to a red medal behind some explosive crates at the top.
  4. After getting medal 3, go down to the very bottom of this area and you should find a medal in the middle. To grab it, stand at the bottom of the wall and double jump. Jump once to collect it, then jump again to cling back to the opposite wall.
  5. After getting medal 4, get out of there and go back up to the normal path at the very top of the area. You should spot the last medal in the top-right corner. Just get to it using spike power and the right wall.

Act 3

  1. Right at the beginning when you step onto the bouncing pad, bounce then home-attack the pulley to the left to go up one story higher. Go right on the other pad and stomp on it to get up on the higher platform above. Collect the medal, then go down on the right to continue.
  2. You can get this one after the first medal, just go under the wall, then down and go back left to collect it by bouncing on the pad or from the start, just bounce up to get it.
  3. After medals 1 and 2, the bounce pad will go up to a loop. Bounce to get into the loop and run across it to collect a medal in the center.
  4. Sometime after the first checkpoint, you will spot the second medal above a platform over you. Simply stomp on the bounce pad to go up there and collect it.
  5. Right after medal 4, you will go up and spot a medal under an electric enemy. Stomp-bounce at the right time so you just collect the medal without touching the enemy. Right timing does it.

Act 4

  1. Right at the start, you can't really miss this very obvious medal under the second bolt jolting enemy.
  2. Also near the start, when you get to the wall at the end of the path, jump down where the line of rings is. Collect the medal, then go back up using the pulley.
  3. Right after the second medal, go up and right, then use the pulleys to go up again and collect the medal on the left at the top, while avoiding the bolts.
  4. (Frenzy Power Needed) After the first checkpoint, collect the purple capsule, then use frenzy power to eat up the crates and enemies on your way. Jump on the platforms above the ground and keep on going right to find the medal in some crates.
  5. (Frenzy Power Needed) After getting the fourth medal, continue right while in frenzy form and keep on eating away on the top path to get the medal at the very end (this one is hard to get; you need to jump before the gap or frenzy will just fall—repeat it over until you know when to jump exactly).

Act 5

  1. At the beginning, you will race on a speedway and avoid enemy lasers, then fall down. While falling down, pass through the second ring of spikes to collect the medal in the middle.
  2. (Spike Power Needed) After the first checkpoint (after falling down), ram through the enemies ahead, then double jump to get the pink capsule on the crates above the path. Use spike power and roll along the crates to the left, then go up to the top of the crates and continue right. You should spot the medal between some crates on the right.
  3. (Hover Power Needed) After the second checkpoint, go up after grabbing the green capsule and fly up using hover to reach the second green capsule. Then fly to the left and collect the medal.
  4. (Spike Power Needed) After taking down the zip line, continue right to find a pink capsule. Use spike power and jump on the crates above. Then follow the path to the left all the way to find a medal.
  5. (Hover Power Needed) After the third checkpoint, when you get to the tower at the end, climb to the top, then go left and defeat the three robots. Grab the green capsule, then go back right and a line of rings should have appeared around the top of the tower. Use hover to dash through it to collect a medal.

Act 6

(Hover Power Needed for All)

  1. Get the green capsule, then go right and up. On the right side, drop down, then use hover and go around the outside of the area and go underneath it. Jump over the spinning spike balls, and at the very left you'll find the first medal.
  2. Get another green capsule and go left this time. Use hover to fly left and then go up around all the spikes, collecting green capsules on the way to stay in hover form. Keep going up to the top to find the second red medal.
  3. Fly to the top of the level. At some point near the very top there will be a ceiling of crates with spikes and a switch on the right. Fly to it and press it to make a medal appear near the spike ceiling.
  4. After getting the third medal, fly over to be above the crates with the sikes and go left. Drop down where the lines of rings are until you reach the bottom and double jump to the right to get a medal.
  5. After getting the fourth medal, go right and press the switch on the crate (left side) to make a line of rings appear. Use hover and dash through it to get the last medal.

External links

  • WishingTikal's Red Star Ring guide, which was used as source material for this page.

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