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The Station Square Pet Show underway, from Sonic X #36.

The Station Square Pet Show[1] is an event that appears in the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics. It was a pet show that took place in Station Square Gardens.


The show involved three judges judging various skills of the pets, such as their obedience to their owners and their skills. The grand prize was a Chaos Emerald-studded collar.[1]


Archie Comics

The Station Square Pet Show took place on a Saturday and was sponsored by Socrates Ramada. Among the participants were Chris Thorndyke, Milan Ramada, and Dr. Eggman, who brought Sonic the Hedgehog, Precious, and Bokkun as their pets for the show respectively.[1]

The competition went smoothly until Sonic tied Eggman up during the obedience and talent portion when Chris instructed him to "save the world". When Eggman protested, Sonic unraveled him, accidentally knocking over several cages and releasing many unruly pets. While Sonic and Cream the Rabbit went around putting the animals back in their cages, Sonic and Eggman were disqualified for starting the mess. However, one of the judges, who was saved by Cream from a pack of dogs, announced her, along with her "pet" Cheese, as the victors. Receiving the prize, Cream donated it to the Station Square Society for the Protection of Animals.[1]

List of participants


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