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Strafe[1][2] is a technique used by Shadow the Hedgehog in Shadow the Hedgehog. It allows the player to move in any direction whilst facing in the same direction.


Whilst Strafing, the player will remain facing the same direction whist they move around. The move allows the player to continue firing at an enemy whilst moving left or right to avoid enemy attacks. To Strafe, the player must hold down Rgame/R1ps3 whilst moving. Whilst Strafing, the player will move much more slowly than normal, and cannot achieve full speed whilst doing so. The player can also jump whilst Strafing to perform acrobatic flips to further avoid attacks.

Sonic the Hedgehog makes use of this during any of the fights against Diablon in Final Haunt, Black Comet, or GUN Fortress. Sonic will perform identical flips to Shadow to avoid gunfire directed at him. As a co-op character however, he cannot strafe.



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