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Quotation1 Halts enemies and makes them vulnerable to attack from below and above! Quotation2
Description, Sonic Jump Fever

Stun is a power-up that appears in Sonic Jump Fever. It temporarily prevents enemies from moving around and makes it easier to destroy them.


Stun's icon is a clear blue robot with red eyes. A white lightning bolt appears over the robot which strikes in-between the robot's eyes.


In gameplay, Stun can be obtained at random by breaking TVs. Once in effect, Stun paralyzes all on-screen enemies with an electrical surge and are prevented from moving. In addition, the enemies can be attacked while the player is falling down from a jump, making it easier to destroy them. Also, any environmental obstacles, such as Spikes, cannot damage the player. The effect's duration is represented on-screen as a circular gauge that depletes over time. Stun ends once the gauge depletes or the player falls below the screen. The player can extend the duration of Stun by spending Rings to upgrade for a user.

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