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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Stunt Bear No. 1[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a trained animal bear and one of the Stunt Bears working for T.W. Barker and his circus.[2]


Stuntbear 1

Stunt Bear No. 1 in its circus costume.

Stunt Bear No. 1 is a non-anthropomorphic bear, although its anatomy is slightly more humanoid than real-life bears'. It has brown eyes, large paws, and thick fur around its neck, chins, and forelegs. The circus costume of which it has been known to wear includes a red, blue and yellow jumpsuit with short sleeves and legs, a red and yellow helmet, white makeup around the eyes, and a red clown nose.

During the first season of Sonic Boom, Stunt Bear No. 1 had mostly brown fur with tan fur around its muzzle. For the second season, it was redesigned with brown fur all over its body.


TV series


While serving T.W. Barker, Stunt Bear No. 1 and its partner were the only ones who stayed after Barker's captive performers fled.[3]

Season one


Stunt Bear No. 1 at work.

When Barker got Team Sonic to pitch in for a performance, Stunt Bear No. 1 helped put on a good show the following evening. As Barker later unveiled his plans to keep Team Sonic, Stunt Bear No. 1 helped encage the heroes. Soon after, it tried stopping the heroes when they escaped with Tails' aid, but was taken out by Sticks the Badger.[3]

Another time, Stunt Bear No. 1 and its partner joined the auditions for Bro-Down Showdown and got selected. However, when Stunt Bear No. 2 could not answer the question about when they first met, Stunt Bear No. 1 attacked him, causing them to be disqualified.[1]

Team Eggman

Stunt Bear No. 1 on Team Eggman.

Stunt Bear No. 1 and its associates later joined other local villains at a meeting held by Dr. Eggman at his lair, who wanted them to form a team to beat Team Sonic. After some leadership arguments leading to team exercises, Stunt Bear No. 1 opted for Eggman's leadership so the group could prove themselves after Shadow the Hedgehog had left the group criticizing them. At the attack on Team Sonic, Stunt Bear No. 1 helped its team faction ambush Amy and Sticks with a Ball Bot, but was defeated.[4]

Season two

When T.W. Barker sold Knuckles a house, Stunt Bear No. 1 and its partner helped him strong-arm Knuckles for the unfair fees he owed and threaten Knuckles to follow his contract. When Knuckles brought his team in however, the Stunt Bears got scared off by Amy after she made Barker revoke Knuckles' contract.[5]


Stunt Bear No. 1 is highly intelligent for an animal, capable of understanding normal language and express human-like behavior. It is also well-trained and loyal, obeying T.W. Barker's every order and staying with him despite the wolf's known mistreatment of his performers.[3][4] Regardless, it has a bad temper as seen when it quickly began fighting Stunt Bear No. 2 when it got facts about their friendship wrong.[1]

Powers and abilities

Stunt Bear No. 1 has high physical strength, which is capable of restraining even Knuckles, albeit with the aid of Stunt Bear No. 2.[3] It also has good balance as it can stand perfectly on top of a rolling Ball Bot or a unicycle.[3][4]



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