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Sunset Hill (サンセットヒル Sansettohiru?) is the second Zone of Sonic Advance 3. It is heavily based on Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a dusk setting that gives it a romantic feeling.[1] It is one of the parts of the earth that Dr. Eggman created when he broke the planet apart with Chaos Control.


Unique features here include water-slides, tall segmented springs that recoil the player a short horizontal distance, and vertical poles which the player can slide down and jump off of to either side using the jump button and the D-pad. There are also large, slow-moving floating platforms that can either assist the player in navigating the Zone; they may also crush him/her, resulting in an instant death. Act 1 features water mechanics.

This Zone ends with a boss fight against Gemerl in Act 3. If this Act is completed with Sonic in the lead (although at this point, the only other possible combination would be Tails-Sonic), a cutscene will play. It will feature Sonic and Tails meeting Knuckles, who expresses his desire to support whatever are they doing, to what Sonic just says that they won't need any help right now. Knuckles, even angry at this, is unlocked for the main game and time attack modes.


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The boss fight takes place in a circular arena. Dr. Eggman and Gemerl will appear in a large wheel which comes rolling down the right-hand side of the arena. Eggman will laugh and then continue rolling; from this point on the character is vulnerable.


  • In Act 3, there is a part of the Zone that resembles a part of Angel Island Zone Act 2 from Sonic Advance.
  • The music in this Zone is a remix of Green Hill Zone's theme from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Sunset Hill's music samples some elements of Central City's music from Sonic Battle.





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