Not to be confused with Sunset Hill, a Zone in Sonic Advance 3.

Sunset Town is a scrapped stage for Sonic the Fighters. Sunset Town was most likely meant to be the stage for Honey the Cat, who was also scrapped. Little is known about this stage, the only trace of its existence lies in a music track that appears in the game's sound test.

While Honey was included as a playable character in the enhanced HD port of Sonic the Fighters, she is not normally fought in the game's standard Arcade mode and this stage is nowhere to be seen. However, its music track is freely available in the Sonic Gems Collection port and the HD re-release of Sonic the Fighters, the later of where it can be selected to play over the main menu using the Left and Right triggers, among other songs.


Sonic the Fighters Soundtrack "Sunset Town ~ Bonus Track"-002:24

Sonic the Fighters Soundtrack "Sunset Town ~ Bonus Track"-0