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The Super-Heroes Convention, from Sonic the Comic #167. Art by Richard Elson.

The Super-Heroes Convention[1] also referred to as Herocon - '99,[1] is an event that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published Fleetway Editions. It was a convention for super heroes held in the Superzone in 1999.


The Super-Heroes Convention is a convention exclusively for super heroes.[1] The event features discussions with topics such as "Secret Identities: Does You Mother Know?" and "Invisible Mending For Ladddered Tights."[1]


In 1999, the Super-Heroes Convention was manipulated by Meteor Destruction Man to keep the other superheroes and villains busy while he set a meteor on an collision course with the planet. When Sonic the Hedgehog displayed his super speed in the Superzone, he was invited to the convention by Part-Time Powers Man, but he declined.[1]

The convention soon began, only to be disrupted when Jacko Lantern showed up. With both villains and heroes too busy fighting each other at the convention, Sonic and Amy Rose had to stop Meteor Destruction Man.[1]


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