Super Egg Robot (スーパーエッグロボ Sūpāeggurobo?) is the boss of The Moon Zone, and the true final boss of Sonic Advance. It is controlled by Dr. Eggman.


Super Egg Robot is mostly blue with orange stripes. Its head and claws are gray and has a blue jet-pack attached to its back.


As always, Super Sonic begins with fifty Rings that deplete by the second. Eggman will do everything in his power to knock him backwards and stall him until his Rings expire. He must dodge his onslaught by jumping and using the Super Sonic Boost onto the robot's head. It has the following attacks:

  • Meteor Attack: Eggman digs into the ground, stirring up giant chunks of lunar rock that fly across the screen.
  • Eye Beam: Eggman strafes the arena with a sweeping eye laser. Getting hit will only push Super Sonic back.
  • Paku Missile: These small orbs flutter through the air - make contact with one and it will encapsulate Sonic, incapacitating him for a few moments. Smash into one with a Super Sonic Boost, however, and it explodes into a shower of valuable Rings.



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