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Super Hard Mode

The Super Hard Mode screen in Sonic Heroes.

Super Hard Mode is a single-player mode of gameplay in Sonic Heroes that is unlocked after achieving an A Rank in every mission in the game.


In Super Hard Mode, the player traverses through all 14 stages of the game but their level layouts as well as the types of enemies have been tweaked to make this mode difficult to complete. The game saves after every stage in this mode and allows the player to resume the last stage reached by the player during gameplay. There are no specific missions in this mode other than reaching the Goal Ring, thus allowing the player to take their time as no ranks are given. Only Team Sonic is playable in Super Hard Mode, but this mode is not considered part of their gameplay. Notably, comical elements are added to the Stages in Super Hard Mode such as seagulls in Seaside Hill.




Sonic Heroes Super Hard Mode - All Stages01:43:02

Sonic Heroes Super Hard Mode - All Stages

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