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Quotation1 Finally! A worthy opponent. Quotation2
Imperator Ix, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]
Pir'Oth Ix's Super State
Pir'Oth Ix's Super State
Pir'Oth Ix's Super State
First appearance

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
(Only appearance)

Transformation overview

Imperator Ix

Cause of 

The residual chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald in Nocturne

Physical description

White, grey


Pale peach



  • Purple robe with beige bandages
  • Golden staff with gear-like head
Skills, powers and abilities
Enhanced powers
and skills
  • Flight
  • Augmented power
  • Energy projection
Moves and techniques


Pir'Oth Ix's Super State[2] (本気ノウェム Honki Nowemu?, lit. "Serious Novem"), also known as Imperator Ix - Final Form[2] or simply Imperator Ix in-game, is the Super State of Ix and the final boss in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It is unclear if he made use of the Chaos Emeralds' or the Master Emerald's power that he stole from Earth, or Nocturne's own power.


Casting away his battle outfit, Imperator Ix fights in his casual attire in his Super State. His spines grow further than in his original form, so that they look like Knuckles' dreadlocks. His color is the same as his normal form (white) and his eyes are blanked out, and possibly glowing. He is also constantly surrounded by a cyan aura.


In this game, he has "???? HP" (9999 HP) stat, and his one and only move is Overload. He can be defeated in one turn if the player can successfully perform the real-time events on the touch screen to, making this one of the most simple final boss fights in the series. When fighting him, it is impossible to ambush or be ambushed, because neither Ix nor Super Sonic have normal attacks to use.


HP 9999 (????)
Speed 100
Attack 100
Defense 51
Luck 100
Damage 3000
Armor 0
Resistant to





  • So far, Ix is the second villain in the video game continuity to achieve a Super State through use of the Master Emerald, the first being Mecha Sonic in Sonic & Knuckles. Though, he is the first organic villain to do this. However, it's unclear if he used the Master Emerald to transform as Sonic remarked, "If he can use the power of the Emeralds, then so can I!" but Ix states just before the transformation that he's using "the very power of Nocturne itself!". This might however refer to the fact that Nocturne was using the power of the Master Emerald to move out of the Twilight Cage, and when calling upon the power of Nocturne, Ix might have absorbed the residual energy from the Master Emerald in Nocturne in order to induce an actual super transformation.
  • Oddly enough, Ix's mugshot is the same one for when you encounter regular Ix on Angel Island and when he is not on his Power Throne in Nocturne, with the exception of when he is talking to Sonic before he transforms (this could possibly be an error on Bioware or Sega's part).
  • Ix's mugshot is similar to that of Nestor's.


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