Not to be confused with the moves Super Sonic Power or Sonic Boost.

The Super Sonic Boost (スーパーソニックブースト Sūpā Sonikku Būsuto?) is a Chaos Power used by Super Sonic and Super Shadow where they surround themselves in a fiery aura and strike at the enemy. The move was first used by Super Sonic against Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2, but it was not actually given a name until Sonic Unleashed.


When performed, the user surrounds himself in a powerful fiery aura of chaos energy (where the known color is either blue or yellow) and flies into the target at incredible speed, resulting in a quite devastating impact that can stun creatures as large as Perfect Dark Gaia. As seen in Sonic's case, the Super Sonic Boost can be performed for unlimited time (or for as long his can maintain his super transformation) as Sonic's Boost Gauge is given unlimited amounts of energy from his super transformation.

Performing the Super Sonic Boost also appears in certain situations to make the user unaffected by attacks: As seen in the Sonic Advance series and the Sonic Rush series, the Super Sonic Boost allows the user to pass harmlessly through most of the final boss attacks without any side effect. In recent games, the Super Sonic Boost can also attract nearby Rings, similar to the regular Sonic Boost.

How to perform

Sonic Adventure 2

Activation (Dreamcast Only)

Sonic Advance

Activation (GBA Only)

Sonic Advance 2-Sonic Advance 3

Activation # 1 Activation # 2
GameboyB GameboyA

Sonic Rush-Sonic Rush Adventure

Activation # 1 Activation # 2

Sonic Unleashed

Press & hold the boost button with 10 or more rings (for Wii/PS2 version).

Xbox 360 Activation Button PlayStation 3 Activation Button PlayStation 2 Activation Button Nintendo Wii Activation Button
XboxX PSSquareButton PSObutton Shake the Wii Remote
  • Sonic Riders - Ride the Chaos EmeraldExtreme Gear and press the boost button.
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - Ride the Chaos Emerald Extreme Gear and collect 60 rings.
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - Use Sonic's All Star move and press the item button while Super Sonic.
  • Sonic Free Riders - Ride the Chaos Emeralds Extreme Gear and kick-dash when Sonic has 30 or more rings.
  • Sonic Colors - In the DS version, press and hold Snnwiidsybuttondisco to charge up, and release to make Sonic fly forward and deflect meteors. This also draws in nearby rings. Also, phase two of the Nega Mother-wisp battle locks Super Sonic into a boost. For some reason, ring consumption actually stops completely during this phase. In the Wii version, when activated, the Boost Button is used. Super Sonic has infinite Boost in the Wii version.
  • Sonic Generations - In the final battle, press and hold the boost button. Modern Super Sonic has an infinite boost when used during the levels, like in Sonic Colors. However, it drains rings at a faster rate than normal, making the time as Super Sonic shorter unless playing the final battle. In the Nintendo 3DS version however, Modern Super Sonic can boost infinitely without any effect on ring consumption.
  • Sonic Lost World - Pressing the spin dash button (L trigger), will let Sonic boost immediately. This does not drain rings quicker, unlike other games. 


Bolt of lightning

Main article: Bolt of lightning

The bolt of lightning is a variant that appeared in Sonic Adventure. It gives the user an aura, but it cannot be activated manually. The only way to induce it, is by reaching high speeds.

Arrow of Light

Main article: Arrow of Light

The Arrow of Light, is an augmented version of the Super Sonic Boost that appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Super Sonic absorbs blue light to increase the attack's speed and power.

Super Sonic Missile

Main article: Super Sonic Missile

The Super Sonic Missile is a collaboration attack that appeared in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. Here, both classic and modern Sonic Super charge up power before shooting modern Super Sonic forward with an enlarged aura enveloping him.


  • The apparent drawback of the Super Sonic Boost seems to be that it requires a significant amount of energy to be performed. As seen in Sonic Unleashed (PS2/Wii), the Sonic Riders series, and Sonic Generations, performing the Super Sonic Boost tends to drain Sonic's ring count significantly faster, thereby shortening the time he can maintain his super transformation, however these are only applied on these games.



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