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Quotation1 Next stop, the Sweet Mountain. Enjoying our candy paradise is the perfect way to celebrate your next birthday... or to avoid reaching it. Quotation2
Dr. Eggman

Sweet Mountain (スウィートマウンテン Suu~ītomaunten?) is the second or third Area in Sonic Colors, depending on the player's choice between it or Starlight Carnival. It is a level based on food, particularly unhealthy food such as sweets and fast food, and Eggman has turned it into a giant confectionery. It has huge cakes the player can drill through, donuts (some used as shuttle loops) and cheeseburgers (the only non-"sweet" food.). There are huge jellies in the DS version that serve as springs. Both versions have jelly bean rockets. In the Wii version, these are enormous projectiles that periodically fire and give damage to Sonic, while in the DS version, they are smaller and can be used for transportation. There are gingerbread men, popcorn and lollipops scattered throughout the Acts. Sweet Mountain has parts built by Eggman in it. Throughout the level, some Egg Pawns have whisks and chef hats.

Sweet Mountain appears in the Bullet Bill Sledge Race Dream Event in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.


Act 1


Sweet Mountain Act 1 introduces drifting and the Yellow Drill. Sonic must avoid barrages of giant missiles filled with jellybeans being launched at him. In this Act there are plenty of areas to explore underground, including small sections containing goodies such as Red Rings, rows of Rings, or White Wisp capsules. Clearing this Act unlocks the Yellow Drill for all stages, which enables Sonic to use the Drill Color Power.

Nintendo DS

The 2D side-scrolling gameplay is used in this level, exactly like all the other DS version levels. The Wisps used in this level are Red Burst and Violet Void. The design is almost exactly the same as the Wii version. Using Red Burst, Sonic can enter cannons that fire him out to another area. Strangely, Red Burst also destroys the huge jellies if touched. Violet Void only leads to shortcuts and Red Star Rings.

Act 2



Sweet Mountain Act 2 (Wii) map

Sweet Mountain Act 2 opens up with a 3D section that includes a Quick Step area followed by a drifting area. Then the main part of the level sees Sonic circumnavigate a massive hamburger tower, much like the giant tree in Savannah Citadel Day Act 3 of Sonic Unleashed. Two of the Red Rings in this Act can only be reached by using the Green Hover.

Nintendo DS

Exactly the same as the Act 1, only near the end Sonic is flung up by a huge hotdog holding robot, and must skydive down and bounce on the hotdog into the robot, and then Sonic comes out the other side.

Act 3 (Wii only)

Sweet Mountain Act 3 introduces the player to the Orange Rocket. There are more drifting sections, and during 2D sections Sonic must avoid the jellybean rockets that are plummeting toward the surface. These can easily knock Sonic into a bottomless pit, so timing is key for clearing this Act. Upon clearing it, the Orange Rocket will now be unlocked for all stages it appears in, allowing Sonic to use the Rocket Color Power.

Act 4 (Wii only)

Sweet Mountain Act 4 takes place entirely in 2D. This Act is focused around switches that cause obstacles and platforms to move, allowing Sonic to progress through the stage. One of the Red Rings here can only be reached by using the Purple Frenzy.

Act 5 (Wii only)

Act 5 starts with a brief intro to the quick step and immediately launches Sonic into puzzle sections with the Blue Cube. This stage also introduces giant lollipops that allow Sonic to swing to higher altitudes either manually or by boosting. Lastly, the Pink Spikes appear which lead to end of the stage.

Act 6 (Wii only)

Act 6 is comprised of more Blue Cube and Pink Spikes puzzles, being shorter than Act 5. Act 6 starts with Sonic beaming out the shadows to stop a hoard of Egg Pawns. The Egg Pawns with guns will shoot the yellow blocks that Sonic stands on, destroying them which results in Sonic falling to the ground.

Eggman's Quotes

At various points during the stage, Eggman's voice over a loudspeaker is heard from the background. He says the following phrases:

  • "We know they look delicious, but please refrain from licking the rides. That would be disgusting. Do you know where those rides have been? People have been sitting on those rides! With their BUTTS! Okay, go ahead; lick them. Don't say we didn't warn you."
  • "Enjoy the rides, but be careful! The seats can be sticky."
  • "We hope you're enjoying this sunny day here at the park. Sadly, a sunny day once again means that the Choco-Coaster is out of service... due to melting."
  • "Welcome to the Sweet Mountain. Insulin will be provided at a marginal extra cost. And by marginal, we mean enormous."
  • "There's no line at "Bake Me Crazy", the ride that simulates what it's like to be baked like a cake. The ride itself lasts an amazing 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown, not recommended for our guests who are sensitive to temperatures exceeding 350 degrees."
  • "Due to cost restraints, some of the donuts used in this ride are of the stale variety. We apologize for this cost-cutting measure, and hope that you enjoy the ride."
  • (during cutscene, should it be the second world visited) "Visitors are cautioned to avoid feeding, petting, or saving any aliens."


Main article: Captain Jelly


SC CJ Wii 01

The first part of the boss takes place on the pirate ship. Cannons will fire cannonballs at Sonic, who can use Homing Attack to destroy them and progress through the ship. One cannonball holds the Yellow Wisp inside. After finding it, the player can use it during the fight against Captain Jelly. Once the player reaches the end of the ship, he/she must attack the switch, which will stop the ship's navigational controls. This causes the ship to crash-land into some cake (that can be drilled through). Sonic jumps off the ship and is met by the pirate robot and a group of smaller minions (this group becomes a horde the second time through). The pirate robot will attack and hop around. The player can only hit it while it is on the ground otherwise it will knock his/her Rings out. Yellow Drill will knock it back to the ship in one hit. After the player attacks it a couple times, he hops back in the ship, and the process repeats. After he's defeated, he'll blow up and drop rings.

Nintendo DS

The Sweet Mountain boss takes place in linear pseudo-3D arena, versus Eggman's Robot, Captain Jelly, who is a lollipop-wielding floating pirate supported by a kind of candy galleon.

Having cleared the Sweet Mountain level, Sonic and Tails run into Eggman again, who turns his new mind-control ray on Tails. The machine works, turning fox against hedgehog... for a few seconds, before it runs out of juice. Eggman consequently falls back on plan B: Captain Jelly.

The boss has a number of attacks. It starts by hovering high up on the top screen, bombarding Sonic with pirate-shaped rockets that wedge in the floor. By Burst Dashing into the downed rockets, the player can send them roaring back up to hit the Captain, who then crashes down to the ground and can be damaged directly.

Other attacks include the captain ordering his galleon to bombard Sonic directly with cannons, and sending larger volleys of 5 pirate-rockets on course towards the bottom screen. As his health depletes further, the Captain stacks his rockets up as a kind of explosive pogo stick and hops down in attempt to crush Sonic. The player must knock the components off one by one by jumping before he lands, and delivering a Homing Attack decreases the pile, chipping away at his health further.

For a quick S rank, the player must knock a Red Wisp out of Jelly by Burst Dashing him when he falls to the ground. Then, as Burst Sonic, he/she should just jump up to the top screen and deliver a massive, exploding hit against him.



Rank Score
Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Act 6
S Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
1350000 1250000 900000 1150000 1350000 900000
A Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
1000000 950000 650000 950000 1000000 800000
B Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
800000 750000 500000 700000 800000 700000
C Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
550000 500000 350000 450000 450000 400000
D Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
0 0 0 0 0 0


  • With hacks or glitching, players can see that Acts of Sweet Mountain are actually loaded as part of one single map. Depending on which Act the player chooses to play first (For example, Act 1), any gimmicks such as ramps, Rings, Wisp capsules, springs and enemies are not loaded for any other Acts/segments of the map.
    • The above also applies for almost all other levels and Acts in the game with the exceptions of all three Terminal Velocity Acts and Game Land Acts.
  • Sweet Mountain has many similarities to the day levels of Savannah Citadel in Sonic Unleashed. One of the primary examples is the giant burger in Act 2, which is a homage to the giant tree in Sonic Unleashed. The general level design also holds many similarities.[2]
  • Because the player can choose between Sweet Mountain and Starlight Carnival for the second stage, those two stages have identical animations for the cutscenes. However, the player won't notice this unless he/she watches the cutscenes in the Options menu.
  • Sweet Mountain is the only Area in Sonic Colors to have every color of Wisp available in both the Wii and DS versions.
  • The music for Sweet Mountain sounds suspiciously similar to a background tune that was used in the video for the unreleased Sonic Ride that was included in Sonic Jam.
  • Part of the map music is a remix of Red Mountain's music from Sonic Adventure.
  • During one of his announcements, Eggman says that insulin will be provided. This is presumably a reference to the fact that sugary foods can cause diabetes and is especially unhealthy for diabetics.


Song Name Music Track Length Composer/Performer
Sweet Mountain - Act 1
Sweet Mountain Act 1
3:51 Tomoya Ohtani
Sweet Mountain - Act 2
Sweet Mountain Act 2
3:50 Tomoya Ohtani
Sweet Mountain - Act 3
Sweet Mountain Act 3
5:57 Tomoya Ohtani
Area - Sweet Mountain
Area - Sweet Mountain
4:18 Naofumi Hataya


Nintendo DS

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Act 1 2x BrZ Screen Filter02:08

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Act 1 2x BrZ Screen Filter

DesMume Sonic Colors DS Sweet Mountain Act 2 2x BrZ Screen Filter03:03

DesMume Sonic Colors DS Sweet Mountain Act 2 2x BrZ Screen Filter

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Mission 1 2x BrZ Screen Filter00:45

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Mission 1 2x BrZ Screen Filter

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Mission 2 2x BrZ Screen Filter01:17

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Mission 2 2x BrZ Screen Filter

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Mission 3 2x BrZ Screen Filter01:32

DesMume "Sonic Colors" DS "Sweet Mountain" Mission 3 2x BrZ Screen Filter


Sonic Colors (Wii) Dolphin 60 FPS Sweet Mountain - Act 1 - S-Rank03:32

Sonic Colors (Wii) Dolphin 60 FPS Sweet Mountain - Act 1 - S-Rank

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 2 4K HD Widescreen 60 FPS02:03

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 2 4K HD Widescreen 60 FPS

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 3 - Test Run - 01 0101:26

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 3 - Test Run - 01 01.33

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 4 HD02:48

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 4 HD

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 5 HD02:26

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 5 HD

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 6 HD02:06

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 6 HD


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