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This page explains how to obtain every Red Star Ring in Sweet Mountain.


Act 1

  1. Near the beginning of the act, after the part with the giant rocket, you will go up some platforms with Egg Pawns and the first Red Star Ring in plain view.
  2. (Yellow Drill needed) After the first checkpoint, break open the Wisp Capsule containing a Yellow Wisp, then continue right. After going through the loop, drill into the ground just before the dash panel. Go down to find a square of metal crates with the second Red Star Ring in the center.
  3. (Yellow Drill needed) After obtaining the second Red Star Ring, drill down to the area below. Continue right and jump up some platforms until you grind over a short rail. Stop there and go under it, back to the left. You'll get to a small area with the third Red Star Ring.
  4. After the second checkpoint, go to the end of the path where the giant rockets come from and jump right, but avoid the springs. Instead walk to the right to find the fourth Red Star Ring.
  5. After collecting the fourth Red Star Ring, go to the end of the second path with the giant rockets, but don't hit the springs. Instead look behind for the fifth and final Red Star Ring.

Act 2

  1. (Green Hover needed) After the first checkpoint, you will go under a wall, then there will be a Green Wisp capsule on a platform. As the Green Hover, fly up, then left and go down between the spikes to find a Red Star Ring at the bottom.
  2. A little after the first Red Star Ring, you will go up to a dead-end, then some Egg Pawns will appear. After you defeat them, a pulley comes down and you will be launched across a few springs. Right after this part, stop there and go back left. All the way to the far-left you'll find the second Red Star Ring hidden in popcorn.
  3. The third Red Star Ring is directly on the path between the first checkpoint and the Goal Ring, on a platform over some falling blocks.
  4. (Green Hover needed) After getting the third Red Star Ring, go back left to where the falling blocks start and on the left should be a breakable crate between two metal crates. Break it with a stomp to reveal a switch. Press it, then use the pulley on the left to reach a Wisp Capsule. Fly upward as the Green Hover to the right and use a Light Speed Dash on a line of rings above to find the fourth Red Star Ring.
  5. Right after obtaining the fourth Red Star Ring, you will run across some falling blocks. Don't jump on the pulley at the end; instead slide under it and through the rainbow rings behind to collect the fifth and final Red Star Ring.

Act 3*

  1. A bit after the first checkpoint, after the second Orange Wisp you come across, you will jump between some walls with springs and then land on a platform in the air. The second one has a Red Star Ring.
  2. (Orange Rocket needed) After getting the first Red Star Ring, go back left to the two walls with the springs and stand in the middle where the line of rings is. Use the Orange Rocket to fly up and collect the second Red Star Ring above.
  3. (Pink Spikes needed) Right at the second checkpoint, go back a bit left and boost to the right where the path curves in the shape of a ramp, and collect the Pink Wisp capsule above. Use the Pink Spikes on the ceiling to the right of the checkpoint and follow the wall to where the Orange Wisp capsule is. At the end a Hint Ring will appear. Drop down on the small platform below and it will start to move. Stay on the platform until the end and jump to collect the Red Star Ring in the loop.
  4. (Pink Spikes needed) After collecting the third Red Star Ring, go on top of the loop wall and wait for the power to run out. Then jump on the enemies to the right to reach a platform. Another one will come; jump on it to go right and slide to pass below the wall. Then wall jump to reach the fourth Red Star Ring.
  5. Right after the third checkpoint on a normal run (if you don't collect the third and fourth Red Star Rings), stick to the right side of the path to find a spring hidden behind some barrels. On the rail above, switch to the rail on the left, then break the barrels there to find the fifth and final Red Star Ring.

* You cannot get all 5 red rings in one run

Act 4

  1. Near the beginning you'll run through some popcorn and hit a switch which makes a cyan capsule appear. Grab it, then continue right to the next switch, which move an orange beam. Stay there and use the laser to aim at the line of rings on the wall. You will hit some crystals, then go right and crouch under the wall to collect the first medal.
  2. You'll need to do a second run for this one. Get the cyan capsule at the beginning like you did before, but instead of using the laser power ahead, keep it and follow the path like normally. After taking the pulley up, don't go through the loop ahead. Instead stand at the second fence and use laser to hit the crystal on the platform above. Then you'll hit more crystals and grab the medal.
  3. After getting the two medals at the start, you'll need to use some moving platforms to go up. When you get on the large one with two switches, raise it to the very top to find a medal above.
  4. (Purple Frenzy needed) After getting the third medal, jump down and collect the purple capsule. Use frenzy to smash through the metal crates below and crush them all to reveal a red medal.
  5. After medal 4, continue right and go up using the large platform. Stay on the left side as much as possible—at some point you will find an alcove in the left wall where the medal is.

Act 5

  1. Right at the very beginning, the moment the level starts, you will speed across a boost panel; stop right after and go back south to find a red medal you just dashed over.
  2. Can't really miss that one; after the first checkpoint, it will be on your way on a platform before a pulley with spikes and after some blue blocks.
  3. Right after the second checkpoint, you will use lollipops to go up some platforms. In the top-right corner is a medal on a platform; just use the lollipop there to reach it.
  4. (Cube Power Needed) Right after medal 3, continue left and jump to the third lollipop. Right before you grab it, use the speed boost to dash and spin around the lollipop. This will give you an extra boost to reach the next one above. Do the same thing to reach an area up on the right. Go across the crates and then you'll spot the medal beneath. Stand above it and use the cube power to grab it.
  5. (Spike Power Needed) Right after medal 4, get the pink capsule on the right, then go up and wait for the cube power to end. Then use spike and jump up on the ceiling above. Follow the wall to the right until you find the last red medal between some crates.

Act 6

  1. Shortly after the start, you will come to the first red medal in plain view, between some yellow blocks. Simply use a dash boost to break through and collect it.
  2. Right after the first medal, continue right to find the second medal under a platform with a robot. In plain sight, impossible to miss.
  3. A bit further ahead after the 2nd medal, you will go across a rail and then come to an area with blue and yellow blocks. Dash and stomp through the yellow blocks to get the blue capsule at the bottom, then use the cube power to get the medal in the right corner.
  4. A bit after medal 3, you will find this one in the next area with yellow and blue blocks. You can get this one several ways. The easiest, if you have spike power, just keep the capsule you got earlier and use it here to reach the medal. Or use the cube power to get to the top (hardest). Or just stand on the highest yellow block on the right and dash boost through the air to the left.
  5. Right after getting the fourth medal, get out of the cube area and right at the top of the wall where the robots were should be a rail above, going to the left. Jump on it to reach another medal.

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  • WishingTikal's Red Star Ring guide, which was used as source material for this page.

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