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This object exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Sally being possessed by the Sword of Acorns

A sword belonging to the House of Acorn, the Sword of Acorns is a powerful artifact with many uses.



The Sword can be used as a superconductor, transferring power from one individual to another, as demonstrated by Mammoth Mogul's defeat of the third Enerjak (AKA Dimitri the Echidna). Its powers in this regard also amplify the power of the wielder, which was used both by Mogul and by the raven wizard Mathias Poe to augment their magical abilities. The sword is also one of the few known methods to release the minds of those who have been Roboticized, due to its ability to control the minds of other beings. The Sword appears to be sentient, and at times takes possession of its wielder, though this could simply be an extension of the sentience of the Source of All. It can also be used to open dimensional rifts, such as that which released Ixis Naugus from the Zone of Silence and killed the Ancient Walkers.


The Sword of Acorns was lost after Dr. Robotnik took over. Years later, Knuckles the Echidna would set out on a quest to find the legendary artifact, eventually reclaiming it from the warlock Mathias Poe. The Freedom Fighters later battled Mammoth Mogul for it, but the ancient Mobian stole the Sword and left them with a fake. Mogul then used it to drain Enerjak's power and become Master Mogul. After his defeat, the Sword was returned to Sally.

In Sally's hands, the Sword was put to multiple uses. It freed the family of Rotor from the mind control of Dr. Eggman, and was also used to free various Roboticized Mobians. The Sword also attempted to subvert Sally to its will, but failed. In response, she turned it over to the Arachne, who later used to free Ixis Naugus from the Zone of Silence. Naugus temporarily used the Sword in his own quest for power, before turning it over to Mammoth Mogul to express his fealty. Sir Connery later destroyed the Sword with his own magic weapon, the Sword of Light, but at the cost of his own life.


Jani-Ca prepares to defeat Enerjak with the Sword of Acorns.

In a ravaged alternate timeline, Jani-Ca became owner of the Sword of Acorns. In search of a prelate that found its way into his timeline, Silver aided Jani-Ca in a brutal quarrel with Enerjak, who had stripped the cores of many innocent fighters. Jani-Ca drained Enerjak's power using the Sword of Acorns, becoming Enerjak herself, and restored the lives of everyone who was lost. She then smashed the Sword knowing Enerjak could never touch its power again.

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