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Syrax (シラクス司令官 Shirakusu Shireikan?) is a commander of the Zoah. He is the high dictator of the 5th Rampager Legion and chief counsel to General Raxos. Before Sonic faced Raxos, he and his friends had to defeat him and succeeded.


Syrax is very loyal to General Raxos, whose orders he always follows no matter how bad he thinks it is. He seems to be slightly biased against Sonic, going to the extent of telling Sonic to come closer to the Zoah's Chaos Emerald so he could hurt them, asking General Raxos if he could sponsor them as citizens so the general could obliterate them, and questioning General Raxos' orders of support of the Sonic team when Sonic defeats him.


Number of actions 2
HP 400
Speed 30
Attack 37
Defense 47
Luck 15
Damage 60
Armor 50
Resistance Ice (10%)
Wind (25%)
Lightning (50%)
Weakness Earth (25%)
Water (10%)
Fire (10%)


  • In battle, Syrax's icon is a Zoah Brute icon.


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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