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Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Generations (Console/PC)

Tails: Way past Fast is the second Challenge Act of Green Hill Act 2 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the classic era and is playable only as Modern Sonic.


This Challenge Act takes place in Green Hill Act 2. The first section is a new exclusive area while the second is a modified version of the normal Stage. The Challenge Act includes more elements than the regular Stage, such as new wooden platforms and many more Buzz Bombers and Crabmeats.


SonicGenerations 2015-08-20 16-31-16-419

Modern Sonic during the Challenge Act.

The objective of this Challenge Act is to race against Tails in his Tornado-1 and reach the Goal Ring before Tails. The Challenge Act is without time limit. The competitors' positions can be seen on a gauge on the screen.

In the beginning, the players have to climb some wooden stairs to a Spring and use it to get to higher ground. They then have to cross a gab—either along the ground, over bridges or by Homing Attacking along a Buzz Bomber—to another Spring which takes them to a Grind Rail. Along it, the players will have to Homing Attack over a gab using Buzz Bombers. After the Grind Rail, the players have to reach another Spring, either by Homing Attacking along some Buzz Bombers and going a Dash Ring, or moving along the ground. This Spring will take the players to the original section of Green Hill.

Continuing down this path while crossing barriers, the player can either continue through a Shuttle loop or break through a wooden bridge with Stomp and continue on the path below. The players will at the end be flung to the last stretch with barriers, where they can either move along the ground or take shortcuts through midair with Buzz Bombers and Dash/Rainbow Ring to reach the Goal Ring


  • When the player gets near/hit by a Crabmeat near the wooden bridge, the camera will glitch and continue zooming in/out the scene.
  • When completing the Challenge Act, Tails will say that he is not surprised that Sonic is faster than him when talking to him in the White Space.
  • The title may be a reference to Sonic's catchphrase "Way Past Cool" from the Sonic the Hedgehog television series and Sonic Underground.


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