Tails and the Music Maker is a music game was released in North America in September 1994, on the Sega Pico system for children's education. It was later published in Japan by Imagineer on 5 December 1995. The main character is Miles "Tails" Prower, who uses this game to teach children about music. The object of the game is to learn scales, tempo, rhythm and about instruments, and then match the music to the instruments. The player may also create his or her own music.


First Page


The PICO logo with Tails

The first page of Tails and the Music Maker shows Tails in Green Hill Zone where Sonic's adventure starts in Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis and Master System. Tails is accompanied by a turtle and a frog. Clicking on the frog causes the game to segue to a mini-game in which Tails runs through three stages. Clicking on the turtle makes it walk side to side. Tails can be clicked and dragged around the screen.

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