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Knuckles =/= the boss

This page claims that Knuckles is the boss of this stage. I however, disagree, sure he appears in the cockpit of the boss machine, but if you look closely he can be seen moving his fists, as if he's trying to smash the glass and break free. I did present this objection on the Sonic Advance 2 talk page a long time ago, and Sonictoast pointed out that after the battle, Sonic mentions that Eggman tricked him again, implying that Knuckles was tricked into piloting the machine to fight Sonic. However the instruction manual reads this: "This time, [Eggman]'s also kidnapped Knuckles and Tails". The manual clearly states that he kidnapped Knuckles, not tricked him into fighting Sonic for him. Sonic stating that Knuckles was tricked again could simply refer to Knuckles being tricked by Eggman and getting trapped in that machine. Myself 123 18:54, January 5, 2013 (UTC)