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The Target Switch[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is essentially a floating Switch that when used grant either items or triggers a reaction.


The Target Switch is a large metallic disc that floats in midair. Its faces has red outer rims, its middle rim is grey and in the center it has a blue circle with yellow edges and a yellow star in the middle.


In the gameplay, the player can strike the Target Switch to trigger various effects. In all cases, the Target Switch will grant the player an Item Box item variable in the game when hit which can be a 5-Super Ring, 1-Up or even a Team Blast Ring. In addition, the player will also earn bonus points based on the item earned. (1000 for a 1-Up, 400 for other power-ups) However, there are also cases where hitting the Target Switch will activate Poles and Switches and even unlock paths, making it similar in function to the latter.

To use a Target Switch in gameplay, the player has to hit it from afar with Thunder Shoot. Get too close, and the Target Switch will start to spin, making it impossible to hit it. Once successfully hit, the Target Switch will spin, change its alpha blending and shortly after disappear. A rare variant of the Target Switches also appear in Team Chaotix's version of the Egg Fleet. These variants lie on the ground, disappear immediately when hit and the player has to use the Jump Fireball on them to trigger them.



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