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Tarragon is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is an anthropomorphic animal and one of the Spice Maidens.

Concept and creation

Tarragon was created by Nigel Dobbyn, who provided the art on the story in which they appeared, although the rest of the strip was created by Nigel Kitching. Dobbyn originally wanted Tarragon's name to be Vanilla, which suited her character better, but editor Deborah Tate insisted that vanilla wasn't a spice so it was changed. (In fact, vanilla is a spice, but tarragon is not - it's a herb).[1]


Tarragon is a rodent-like anthropomorphic animal. She has black eyes and yellow fur, and short, white hair that encircles her head. Tarragon wears a yellow dress and has a golden necklace with a heart pattern placed around her neck.



Captain Plunder met Tarragon when she was still a young girl and formed an impression of her as being sweet and innocent. However, she grew up to become a fierce fighter; Zorabel would state that Tarragon and her sister frequently caused 'bother', for example, by brawling in taverns like The Pink Parrot in Scourge Bay.[2]

The Akotek Treasure

As part of Zorabel's plan to steal the Akotek Treasure, she insisted that Tarragon, along with her sisters, accompanied Captain Plunder. Plunder protested against the idea though, claiming having women on a ship was bad luck. The girls joined Plunder's crew regardless, with their mother coming along.[3]

After arriving at the island where the treasure was, Plunder had the curse of the tomb placed on himself by accident. Tarragon and her family then took the treasure back to their ship, unaffected by the curse. They then returned to Scourge Bay.[4][5][6][7]


Tarragon is somewhat vain and concerned with what to wear. However, she is just as violent as the rest of her sisters.


  • Like how the Spice Maidens are a reference to the Spice Girls, a famous English pop girl group from the 1990s, Tarragon appears to be loosely modeled after Baby Spice, Emma Bunton's Spice Girls stage persona.


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