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Team Chaotix is the second boss in Team Dark's story and the fifth boss in Team Rose's story in Sonic Heroes. It is a three-on-three brawl against Team Chaotix that takes place in the Grand Metropolis/Power Plant skyline with Team Dark and later in the depths of Frog Forest/Lost Jungle's swamps with Team Rose.


Team Dark

After Team Dark and Team Chaotix had made their to the top and outside of the Power Plant, Rouge notices the Chaotix nearby and suspects that they are out to steal "her" treasure. Espio senses Team Dark nearby and he, Vector and Charmy find themselves faced by said team. While Rouge makes accusations at them, Espio suspects Team Dark are their client's adversary. With both teams thinking of the other as an enemy, a fight quickly ensures.

Team Rose

Wandering through the jungle, Team Rose and Team Chaotix come across each other. Vector tries to ask Amy a question politely, but Amy assumes he wants to date her and tells him to wait as she leaves with her team. Vector becomes flustered by this and calls her a brat. Espio then demands that they hand over Cheese to them as he assumes Cheese to be one of the Chao they were ordered to protect earlier. This makes Cream believe that they are the ones that took Chocola which angers Big. As a result, both teams start to fight.


The object of these battles is to knock Team Chaotix off the edges of the battle platforms into the bottomless pits surrounding them. There is no damage system in this boss, meaning Team Chaotix cannot be defeated by simply damaging them. Grabbing the Power Cores and Rings before the opponents is crucial. Without Rings, Team Chaotix will fly back farther, making them easier to be knocked off. Some characters are more suited to battle Team Chaotix's member due to having moves that are most effective against their particular formations:

Enemy Formation Counter Formation
Speed Power
Power Flight
Flight Speed

If the player loses any team members, they can be brought back to the field by performing the Team Blast.


Team Dark

Quotation1 Alright then let's do it! Quotation2
Charmy, before Team Dark battles him and Team Chaotix.

In this arena, there are a total of nine Power Cores; three blue, three yellow, and three red. Start by grabbing the Blue Power Core in the center (so Espio cannot use it) and when the other team is near, have Shadow use Black Tornado to fling them into the air. While they are grounded, you can collect more Power Cores or steal their Rings. Also, be sure to look around because there is nothing more annoying than to get hit from behind.

Team Rose

Quotation1 There's gotta be a major misunderstanding here.. but we can't back down now! Quotation2
Espio, before Team Rose battles him and Team Chaotix.

In this area, there are only three available Power Cores and they sit outside the arena in balloons. There is also a Shield hidden in a wooden Container on the stage. For this battle, Team Chaotix will be much more difficult to defeat as they will always switch to the formation that is dominant over the player's.

Just like the battle against Team Sonic, this one requires Amy as the point character. Grab a Ring and then use Tornado Hammer to knock Team Chaotix down. Once you have finished off at least one of the other Chaotix members, try to take down the other two as fast as possible. They will use their Team Blast to revive their fallen character (2-3) You could do the same but you may not get the opportunity. If you go for the balloons on the side, use Thunder Shoot to get them.


Sonic Heroes Team Dark vs00:49

Sonic Heroes Team Dark vs. Team Chaotix

Sonic Heroes Team Rose vs00:38

Sonic Heroes Team Rose vs. Team Chaotix


  • "There's been a misunderstanding but I doubt if they'll listen to us." - Espio before fighting Team Dark.
  • "All right then let's do it!" - Charmy before fighting Team Dark.
  • "Whatever the reason, if they want a fight I'll give 'em one!" - Vector before fighting Team Dark.
  • "There's gotta be a major misunderstanding here.. but we can't back down now!" - Espio before fighting Team Rose.
  • "Bring it on!" - An unused line Charmy would have said before fighting Team Rose.[1]
  • "Let's make this quick. I hate fighting with girls!" - An unused line Vector would have said before fighting Team Rose.[2]


Notes and references

  1. This line can be brought back in the PC version with the help of the Sonic Heroes Memory Editor by swapping the position of the Speed character with the position of the Fly character before loading the fight against Team Rose.
  2. This line can be brought back in the PC version with the help of the Sonic Heroes Memory Editor by swapping the position of the Speed character with the position of the Power character before loading the fight against Team Rose.

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