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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Team Fighters

The original Team Fighters, from Sonic the Hedgehog #239.

The new Team Fighters, from Sonic the Hedgehog #257.

First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #236

Group Overview and Statistics

Freedom Fighter Sub-Unit

Time of






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Team Fighters is a unit of Freedom Fighters consisting of Amy Rose, Antoine D'Coolette, and Bunnie D'Coolette in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics. The team, along with Team Freedom, are units of the Knothole Freedom Fighters to help the world when needed. Team Fighters are the team that keep the environment under control; they will typically destroy obstacles or enemies if any. They are also the unit that rescues Mobians if needed.

In the pre-Super Genesis Wave world of Mobius, the team was formed by Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus as one of two teams to replace the Knothole Freedom Fighters following the team's disbandment, the other being Team Freedom. The team previously handled any threat outside of New Mobotropolis, primarily working to track down the Death Egg Mark 2 and as well save the roboticized Princess Sally. The group originally consisted of Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose and Tails' robotic dog, T-Pup.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave


Formation of Fighters

Sonic and Rotor telling the Council of their teams.

Shortly after a battle with Dr. Eggman, Antoine D'Coolette had suffered a coma after Metal Sonic v3.6 self-destructed in his face. With this, the Freedom Fighters were losing their members one by one, as Bunnie D'Coolette, Antoine's wife and Freedom Fighter, left New Mobotropolis for "somewhere" and blames herself for Antoine's lose. To make matters worse, Nicole was exiled within the Kingdom of Acorn by Ixis Naugus and the Council Of Acorn, and, due to this, Rotor Walrus, a Council member, resigned from the council. Silver the Hedgehog had came to tell Sonic about his "traitor" being Antoine, but Sonic quickly proved the silver hedgehog wrong. A while later, Sonic had then begin to think of past memories and tried to come up with something new to pull themselves back together, though the weight of the situation left him in a glum mood. Luckily, Tails and Amy were able to encourage Sonic to keep trying, helping him to pursue new solutions with renewed determination. Rotor then comes to Sonic and tells him about Nicole's exile and his resignation. With this, the four Freedom Fighters banded together split teams to both tackle Dr. Eggman's forces and to protect New Mobotropolis from any evil. Thus, Team Fighters and Team Freedom were formed. (StH #234, #235, #236)

Battle in Furville

Team Fighters Furville Attack

Team Fighters arriving at Furville.

Team Fighters' first mission was to tackle Eggman's forces in Furville. Eggman's forces had seem to go according to plan, as they had attacked Furville at least by the time Team Fighters was formed. Luckily, Team Fighters came in at the scene and stop the Egg Swats from capturing Furville citizens. Eggman then told Sonic that does he need to take down another Freedom Fighter to stop Sonic. But Sonic replied back telling him that no matter how many times he beats him down, he'll just come back up. After rescuing citizens and those citizens began to attack the Egg Swats, Eggman then planned a retreat on the attack, but Sonic decided to go after Mecha Sally. Unfortunately, an Egg Swat pulled Sonic away from the roboticized princess after she mentioned going to the Shamazon Jungle for their objective, allowing the Death Egg to recharge. Tails, above in his bi-plane, tried to chase away her, but failed due to the Death Egg's lasers. The battle was over and Team Fighters then began to head towards the Shamazon Jungle. (StH #236)

Shamazon Attack

Team Fighters Felidae Attack

Team Fighters, Leeta, and Lyco attack the Felidae Dark Legion.

Shortly after Team Fighters arrived at the Soumerca Wolf Pack Nation, they were found by Lyco and Leeta, who had found out that both Lupe Wolf and Queen Hathor of the Wolf Pack Nation and Felidae, respectively, have been captured. With this knowledge, Team Fighters and the Wolf Pack twins begin journeying through the forest until they are found by the Razorklaw and his squad of Dark Legion troops. Team Fighters, Lyco, and Lupe then began to attack the squad. Suddenly, they found Hathor, who told them that the queen and Lupe are captured by Eggman. Due to a tradition where clothes make you the rank of a nation, Sonic tells Hathor how she escaped and she begins to tell him that Lupe gave her cover to escape while she would be roboticized by Eggman, but Hathor would have to sacrifice her wardrobe in order to escape.

Tails versus Mecha Sally

Tails fighting Mecha Sally.

Team Fighters, Lyco, Leeta, and Hathor begin to go the the Shamazon Jungle Dark Egg Legion base, where they find themselves facing Drago Wolf and his squad. Lupe was rescued from being legionized by Leeta and Tails then put a tracker on the Death Egg minutes prior to its launch. But, Mecha Sally began to fight Tails and quickly the roboticized princess was surrounded by Lupe and her pack. Having no choice but to retreat, Mecha Sally went back to the Death Egg and Team Fighters, the Wolf Pack warriors, and Hathor went back to the Wolf Pack Nation where Team Fighters would then follow Eggman to another battle. (StH #237, #238)

Feral Forest Attack

Jolly Gray Giant

Sonic taking on Silver Sonic.

Sometime later, Team Fighters arrive at Feral Forest, where the Death Egg is sending out troops of Egg Swats to capture Feral Forest citizens. Strangely, though, the Death Egg leaves Feral Forest after sending a squad of troops. Once down there, Sonic wonders why Eggman choose a place like this, but Amy then realizes that Eggman sent Mecha Sally down to Feral Forest to kill her newly-moved brother, Elias Acorn. Sonic, realizing the danger ahead, begins to move towards Mecha Sally but she sends a newly-built Silver Sonic to distract Sonic. Meanwhile, Tails finds Elias behind his house along with Larry Lynx and Leeta in strange costumes. Elias tells the young fox that he can't–or that he might never be able to–explain what's going on. Understanding the situation, Tails gives cover to Elias, Larry, and Leeta for their secret mission to stop a forthcoming Ixis Resurgence. Mecha Sally then enters Elias' house, only to find Colonel Sommersby waiting to fight the roboticized princess. He unfortunately does not succeed but Amy begins to fight Mecha Sally. Mecha Sally begins to make Amy rethink of the possibilities of if Sally dies, but Tails tells Amy that the programming in Mecha Sally is saying that. Sonic then attack Egg Swats via the Silver Sonic spin-dashing his way through them. T-Pup then puts Silver Sonic into static mode after it engaged Sonic. Team Fighters then engage Mecha Sally, who has realized that their mission has failed. She evacuates the area, leaving the Egg Swats and Silver Sonic to fight for themselves. Team Fighters take care of the mess in Feral Forest and begin to take off and follow the Death Egg, which has began to arrive at New Mobotropolis. (StH #239)

Albion Attack

Main article: Albion Attack
High Flying Groove

Team Fighters arriving in war-torn Albion.

Team Fighters then began to head towards Albion via following Eggman. However, Eggman gave them a distraction by sending out a Krudzu-Titan Metal Sonic-hybrid out to face them. Sonic had taken care of the situation, though, as he sent the robot into the ocean. They had also faced a squad of Egg Swats on Turtloids, but they were easily defeated as well. However, they were quickly ambushed by Metal Knuckles, who destroyed their bi-plane. T-Pup was in charge of rebuilding the Tornado while Team Fighters had helped Remington and other echidna citizens take care of the Dark Egg Legion. Lien-Da had then attacked Sonic, who was quickly defeated by the Metal Knuckles. Shortly, Tails had accidentally activated a switch which caused the whole inhabitants of the island to be knocked unconscious.

The Truth Thrashed

Thrash revealing the echidna's fate.

Later, Knuckles the Echidna arrived at Albion, only finding Team Fighters knocked out cold and the island uninhabited. The team wonders why they were placed together when they were separated from each other. They explore the island some more, only to find Thrash the Tasmanian Devil putting echidna's via Warp Ring. He then mentions that the echidna's are "gone" and are out-of-sight. An agitated Knuckles then attack Thrash about this, and the two begin to fight. Team Fighters takes care of the Devil Dogs brought by Thrash while Knuckles and Thrash engage in a fight. Knuckles wins by a punch, but suddenly, a revived-Kudzu-infested-Metal Knuckles attacks Team Fighters. Thrash escapes, but Knuckles goes after him through several zones via Warp Ring. However, a strange spin-dash saves Team Fighters from danger, as Shard the Metal Sonic reveals himself to Team Fighters.

Shard's Plea

Shard pleads to Sonic for help.

At first, Team Fighters engaged to attack him, but Shard pleas for Sonic to help him defeat the Krudzu. A confused Sonic agrees and begins to drag the Krudzu around the island. Amy and Tails then help them via setting up stage for the Devil Dogs to attack the Krudzu. With the Krudzu defeated, Shard tells Team Fighters that if he can alter the evolution process of the Krudzu, the plant might be able to de-roboticized Mecha Sally. Tails agrees with the plan, somewhat, and Team Fighters then head off to the Northern Tundra, where they will be followed by an unexpected ally... (StH #241, #242, #243, #244, #245, #246)

Rescuing the Roboticized Princess

Issue 247 CHARGE!

The Freedom Fighters strike towards the Death Egg.

Team Fighters had went up towards the Northern Tundra to meet with the Arctic Freedom FightersGuntiver the Arctic Wolf, Augustus the Polar Bear, Flip Penguin, Erma Ermine, and Sealia Seal–to finally track down the Death Egg and to save Sally. Guntiver gave the team information on Eggman's whereabouts, as Eggman has been keeping a low profile lately. Team Fighters and Guntiver meet up with the rest of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, excluding Erma, as she infiltrates the base to disable the Death Egg's security. Erma is successful, and the heroes charge inside, destroying the Egg Swats at ease. Suddenly, a strange psychokinetic pulse destroys some of the Egg Swats, as the bringer of the psychokinetic pulse was Silver the Hedgehog. Sonic then berates Silver for following them as well as annoying him about his assumption of a "traitor" of the Freedom Fighters. Guntiver remembers Silver trying to kill Rotor some time ago, and Silver admits that although he has been wrong, he has gotten help from an unknown source and that he can't tell who he was. Tails then asks Silver privately if the true king was involved, which Silver, shocked, knows Tails is right about this clue. Tails gives Silver one more chance, and Silver begins his case. Silver explains that Sally Acorn is the traitor and backs it up explaining that he didn't know she wasn't acting of her own free will. (StH #247)

Sally's Fate Limbo AGAIN!

The Genesis Wave striking the world again...

Silver then helps the two groups rescue Sally. They go inside a rusty pipe and are attacked by Akhlut's pod with the help of Silver they infiltrate the Death Egg but the alarms are set off. Eggman orders Mecha Sally to get down there and kill both groups. She first stuns Amy, then Sonic runs her into a wall giving her a great chance to use her head laser. Tails and Amy push Sonic out of the way at the last second but the team is down and out. As they are about to be shot by her head laser Silver uses his psychokinesis to disable Mecha Sally. Silver brags that he successfully stopped the traitor, but just then the world faded to white, much as it did before, only affecting two worlds... (StH #247)

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Station Square Shambles

StH 257 Fighters

Team Fighters at work on saving lives and the city.

After the planet is broken apart due the casualties of the Super Genesis Wave, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, having being restored, both team and memory wise, decide to head to the closest city via Sky Patrol nearby from the Mystic Ruins, that being Station Square. As the city has not even fully recovered from the Perfect Chaos attack (depicted on both Sonic the Hedgehog #84 and in Sonic Adventure), Team Freedom–Tails, T-Pup, Rotor, and Big the Cat–and Team Fighters–Amy, Antoine D'Coolette, Bunnie D'Coolette, and Omochao–along with Sonic being the runner for both teams are to save as many lives as they can. Team Fighters will provide the work to not cause more damage than there is, as Bunnie and Antoine hold up falling billboards and cutting falling crane wires, respectively. Both Team Fighters and Team Freedom were successful in their missions, as Station Square citizens and the city itself were saved by the Freedom Fighters. (StH #257)

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