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Cream the Rabbit, Sonic Heroes.
Team Rose
Team Rose in Sonic Heroes
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Team Rose (チームローズ Chīmurōzu?) is one of four teams in Sonic Heroes, along with Team Sonic, Team Dark, and Team Chaotix. Its members are Amy Rose (speed type), Cream the Rabbit (flight type), and Big the Cat (power type) with the leader being Amy. This team has the easiest acts.


Sonic Heroes

03 team sonic-clash against team rose

Team Sonic clashes with Team Rose.

The team's history begins in Sonic Heroes with Amy, in love with Sonic as always, not having been in contact with him for over a month. She is about to quit when she stumbles upon a newspaper article about a Chao and a frog being carried off by "Sonic". Rushing to the publisher of the article, she meets up with Big, Cream, and Cheese. At the beach, they explain everything. Cream is looking for Chocola, Cheese's twin, and Big has lost Froggy once again. Amy decides that the three team up, forming Team Rose. During this time, besides fighting Eggman, they also have run-ins with Team Sonic and Team Chaotix, the former also having Amy, believing Sonic to have kidnapped Chocola and Froggy, vowing that their marriage is inevitable this time, and the latter due to miscommunication between the two teams that led Cream to believe that Team Chaotix was involved in Chocola's abduction.

Team Rose's levels basically start later in the stage, and end earlier. This would be mostly intended for beginner players. Their extra levels involve them collecting 200 Rings in a stage, but if the player take damage from just one enemy, they lose all of their Rings. Team Rose's Team Blast is Flower Festival.

The theme song of Team Rose is 'Follow Me' by Kay Hanley, although it is more geared towards Amy rather than Cream and Big.

Sonic Free Riders


Team Rose, guest-starring Vector the Crocodile.

Team Rose appears again in Sonic Free Riders. Amy and Cream both entered the race, but Big didn't seem to be entered in the tournament, so the character replacing Big is Vector the Crocodile.

Other Media

Sonic Universe


Team Rose in the Archie comics.

Although the team's name is not mentioned until the end of Issue 21, Team Rose does appear in Sonic Universe's "Treasure Team Tango" arc, with an anger-stricken Blaze the Cat replacing Big the Cat as they fight for the Sol Emerald.

Unofficial Appearances

Although Team Rose have only appeared in Sonic Heroes and Sonic Free Riders, there have been other instances were the these characters, or a similar combination, have worked together.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood all three members of Team Rose appear as recruitable members of Sonic's party that appear at different points of the game. Amy is the first party member to join Sonic, and Big later joins the party in Mystic Ruins. Cream is one of the optional party members in the game, and can only be recruited after the player locates her chao, Cheese. If all three members are in the player party, they can perform a special POW move called Flower Power. They are incorrectly referred to as Team Amy in this game.

Team Rose is the team that attacks the least. Amy can attack twice, but Cream and Big can only attack once per turn.

Appearances in other media

In Sonic X, episode 58, Amy, Cream and Cosmo join together in order to complete their respective goals. Together, the three can perform a special move: Cream, carrying Cosmo, who is in turn holding Amy, spins the three of them around whilst Amy pulls out her hammer and strikes opponents. This attack somewhat resembles the Spin Cycle that appeared later in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, only that in the latter, the only performers are Amy and Cream.


Sonic Heroes

Sonic Universe


  • The Team Rose is only team in Sonic Heroes to have 4 members (although Cheese is just an extension of Cream).
  • Their theme, "Follow Me", is the only theme which does not reference any characters by name.
  • Team Rose, along with Team Sonic, are the only teams that are named after the leader.
  • Team Rose is mistakenly called "Team Amy" in the Codex of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • The first letter of each team member's name put together spell ABC.
  • The Team's Power member has been changed 2 times. Originally, it was Big, then in Sonic Free Riders it was Vector. A similar situation occurred with Team Dark in the same game. In the Archie comics, Blaze replaces Big as a member of Team Rose.
  • Every member of this team can fly, hover, or glide in some way in Sonic Heroes.
  • It is the Team with the most female characters in Sonic Heroes.
  • All the ages in Team Rose in Sonic Heroes are multiples of 6, with Cream being 6, Amy being 12 and Big being 18.
  • Ironically, despite having easier main missions, Team Rose's extra missions in Sonic Heroes are at times quite difficult, due to if the player is hit, every ring is lost, and thus the player would have to start over again.
  • Cream is the only Flight type character that isn't flying in their victory pose in Sonic Heroes.
  • This is one of two teams where a female is the team leader in Sonic Heroes (the other being Team Dark).
  • This is the only team in Sonic Heroes that starts with a tutorial level.
  • This is the only team in Sonic Heroes which cannot use the Triangle Jump technique.
  • This is the only team with a female in speed formation.
  • The colors of the members of Team Rose are pastels colors versions of the team formation.

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