Team Sonic is the second boss in Team Rose's story and the fifth boss in Team Dark's story in Sonic Heroes. It is a three-on-three brawl against Team Sonic that takes place in the Grand Metropolis/Power Plant skyline with Team Rose and later in the depths of Frog Forest/Lost Jungle's swamps with Team Dark.


Team RoseEdit

On top of a sky liner, Team Rose meets Team Sonic just as they escape the Power Plant. While Sonic is both surprised and nervous to find Amy there, Amy is determined to force Sonic to marry her, while Cream and Big wish to ask him where Chocola and Froggy are, respectively. Having no choice, Sonic and his team are forced to battle.

Team DarkEdit

Watching from above, Team Dark spots Team Sonic passing through the jungle. There, Shadow's curious is peaked by the hedgehog that looks like him. Team Sonic quickly notices them and all of the members are both surprised and shocked to see Shadow alive after his supposed death. Not wanting them to get in her way, Rouge tells Team Sonic that their efforts are wasted and that she and her team will take care of Dr. Eggman. However, Sonic does not back down despite a death threat from Omega and after Sonic and Shadow trash-talked a little, the two teams start a rumble.


The object of these battles is to knock Team Sonic off the edges of the battle platforms into the bottomless pits surrounding them. There is no damage system in this boss, meaning Team Sonic cannot be defeated by simply damaging them. Grabbing the Power Cores and Rings before the opponents is crucial. Without Rings, Team Sonic will fly back farther, making them easier to be knocked off. Some characters are more suited to battle against specific Team Sonic members due to having moves that are most effective against their particular formations:

Enemy Formation Counter Formation
Speed Power
Power Flight
Flight Speed

If the player loses any team members, they can be brought back to the field by performing the Team Blast.

Team RoseEdit

Quotation1 Amy, knock it off! There's no time to play! Quotation2
Sonic, before Team Rose battles Team Sonic.

In this arena, there are a total of nine Power Cores; three blue, three yellow, and three red. Start by grabbing the blue Power core in the center, so Sonic can’t use it. Then when the other team is near Amy, use Tornado Hammer to fling them into the air. While they are grounded you can collect more Power Cores or steal their Rings. Also, be sure to look around because there is nothing more annoying than getting hit from behind. This is a fairly easy battle and you should be able to get an A Ranking easily after a couple of tries.

Team DarkEdit

Quotation1 Heh, not the best way to greet those you haven't seen in a while! Quotation2
Sonic, before Team Dark battles Team Sonic.

In this area, there are only three available Power Cores and they sit outside the arena in balloons. There is also a Shield hidden in a wooden Container on the stage. For this battle, Team Sonic will be much more difficult to defeat as they will always switch to the formation that is dominant over the player's. They also have access to their own Team Blast, which brings back any members you've taken out and can easily knock out all of your team at once for a particularly infuriating defeat.

Start the battle by having Shadow use Black Tornado on Team Sonic. This will knock them down temporarily. Switch to Rouge and use Thunder Shoot to collect the Power Cores in the balloons on the side of the arena. Use Thunder Shoot to keep the Team Sonic members down. When a member of Team Sonic is down, switch to Omega or Rouge to knock them off of the edge. Once all three members of the other team are knocked over the edge, the battle is over.


Sonic Heroes Team Rose vs

Sonic Heroes Team Rose vs. Team Sonic

Sonic Heroes Team Dark vs

Sonic Heroes Team Dark vs. Team Sonic


  • "Amy, knock it off! There's no time to play!" - Sonic before fighting Team Rose.
  • "Everybody get outta the way!" - Tails before fighting Team Rose.
  • "Are you playing with that girl's heart again, Sonic?" - Knuckles before fighting Team Rose.
  • "Heh, not the best way to greet those you haven't seen in a while!" - Sonic before fighting Team Dark.


  • The music for battling against Team Sonic in Lost Jungle is a shortened, instrumental version of "We Can", which is Team Sonic's theme song through the game.

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