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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Tekno the Canary is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is a canary who initially worked under Doctor Ivo Robotnik, but after a series of events ended up as a member of the Freedom Fighters



Tekno the Canary from Sonic the Comic #103. Art by Richard Elson.

Tekno was once a weapons designer and top engineer for Doctor Ivo Robotnik. Among other projects, she helped to create the super-alloy Megatal. However, she was stealing materials to make her own weapons. When Robotnik found out, he had her sent to the Badnik Processing Plants.[1] Shortfuse the Cybernik rescued her from the Troopers who were transporting her,[2] and in exchange she repainted and improved his Megatal armour[1] and helped him in a mission to bomb one of Robotnik's Chemical Plant Zone factories.[3] She was kidnapped by Metamorphia and taken to Citadel Robotnik,[4] but when Shortfuse attacked the Citadel to save her, Tekno was able to defeat a now-powerless Metamorphia with a judo flip.[5]

Tekno assisted Shortfuse several times after this by giving him repairs and logistical support, and briefly encountered Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.[6] When Sonic was trapped in the Special Zone,[7] she was re-introduced to the Freedom Fighters,[8] and even offered to let them use her secret laboratory in the Emerald Hill Zone as their new base.[9] In this time she also befriended Amy Rose.[10]

Following the overthrowing of Robotnik's empire,[11] Tekno began to team up more with Amy in keeping Mobius secure from the hordes of random criminals and (more frequently) nutters who were springing up, including the D.R.A.T.[12] and Agent X.[13] In this time, Amy and Tekno also met Norris Wimple[14] and Fabian Vane,[15] two civilians that Amy and Tekno frequently had to save from random villains or their own ineptitude. On a trip into space they also helped rescue Shortfuse from the alien Insectra Empire, helping end their war with the Blurrgh in the process,[16] and visited Earth while returning to Mobius, making an enemy of Colonel Granite in the process.[17] Eventually she and Amy were sought out by the mysterious Eternity Ring, a sentient dimensional warp which sent them on missions to right wrongs and fight injustice throughout time and space (possibly inspired by Quantum Leap as it features a similar premise). She even witnessed the beginning of life on Mobius, discovering it was created by dinosaurs (in space suits) working for an unspecified employer (hinted to be God).

Eventually she and Amy returned to Mobius, and Tekno began assisting Sonic in investigating the New Zones. Her final appearance in STC had her & the other Freedom Fighters attempting to stop Robotnik from draining the life-force from Mobius and causing a devastating environmental collapse.


While Tekno possesses similar attributes to Porker Lewis, she is far more adventurous and spends her days building up a backlog of inventions for every eventuality and then seeking out chances to use them against villains in the field.[18]

Powers and abilities

Tekno has a genius intellect in science, having proven herself a certified scientific genius, and is a clever engineer.

Despite having arms instead of wings, Tekno has the ability to fly under her own power. When Colonel Granite wondered how she could fly since she had no wings, she responded "No, but I am talented!"[19]


Shortfuse the Cybernik

Tekno is romantically interested in Shortfuse the Cybernik, and he feels the same way about her.[20] Tekno once asked Shorty out for food[6] and later kissed him at a New Years party,[9] but Shortfuse himself appears to be more reserved. (Tekno's creator, Lew Stringer, claimed that he avoided making Tekno and Shorty's feelings too obvious, for fear of alienating younger readers. He suggested that they might have gone on a date after Shortfuse was released from his armour in Sonic the Comic #174, "Game Over, Part 2".[20])

In other media

Archie Comics


Amy Rose talking to Tekno and Ebony, in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #134. Pencils by Jon Gray, inks by Michael Higgins and colors by Jason Jensen.

Tekno makes a brief cameo appearance in issue #134 of the Archie Sonic comics. After King Max announced that Sally would be ruler during his absence, Tekno said "Wow, Amy--Sally's in charge." Also, on the page where Tiara makes an appearance, Tekno can be seen in the background behind Big the Cat. This was done as one of several admitted in-joke tributes by the artist Jon Gray. However, it occurred without the consent of Tekno's creator Lew Stringer.

Tekno in Archie Comics

Tekno in her cameo appearance in the Archie comics at the bottom of the picture to the left of Mighty

A second cameo of Tekno can be seen in issue #138 in the scene at Uncle Chuck's diner. She is behind the table occupied by Bunnie Rabbot, Fiona Fox, Mighty the Armadillo, and Ray the Flying Squirrel at the far right. She is also in the crowd of people around Charmy Bee and Saffron Bee.


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