Not to be confused with the object of same name.

Teleporter[1] (テレポテーション[2] Terepotēshon?, lit. "Teleportation") is an Item Box power-up that appears in the 2-Player mode of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. When used, it can swap the player's positions.


The Item Boxes with Teleporter feature an icon of two orange and blue-colored arrows pointing in opposite directions from each other on their screen.


After breaking the Teleporter's monitor, the screen flashes for second and the two playable characters in multiplayer mode will have switched places. In addition, any power-ups (Shield or invincibility) that the characters have are swapped as well. This power-up is extremely useful for the player who have fallen far behind, and disadvantageous for the leading player. However, it can still be picked up accidentally by breaking a monitor, which can randomly choose Teleporter.

In Options, the player may select to have only Teleporter power-ups through out the 2-Player mode.


  • The player can have Tails achieve Super Sonic's abilities during two player mode using the Teleporter: First, the player must have collected all of the Chaos Emeralds and then causes the game to be over (either by losing all their lives or finishes the game). By choosing Options, the player then selects 2P from there to access 2P Mode. (Doing this will keep all of the Chaos Emeralds collected from the previous game and Sonic can transform into Super Sonic in 2P mode albeit a slightly glitched sprite.) Once Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and hits a Teleporter power-up monitor, Tails will now have stars around him indicating he is invincible and he can move as fast as Super Sonic.


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