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Tempest Knux

Knuckles with the Tempest.

The Tempest (テンピスト?) is vehicle that Knuckles the Echidna uses as a racing car in Sonic Drift 2.


The Tempest is mostly based on AMC General's Hummer H1, as being colored yellow with two small headlights and thick rubber wheels. It has rack behind the cyan colored driving seat.


As the player chooses Knuckles and his Tempest, it possesses both medium speed, acceleration, and handling. He's the only character in the game as having two special abilities. The first ability is to punch any nearby racers, which causes them to drop a ring, that they have collected. Tempest is also able to grind rivals to stop them completely. If the player doesn't have anyone nearby to do grind, the player will perform normally flying jump, similar ability that Tails also uses with his MTP-02 Wheelwind S7.

Driver Vehicles Special Power Picture
Knuckles the Echidna Tempest

The ability to Punch any nearby racers, causing them to drop a Ring, and grind them to a complete stop. If none are in the vicinity, a Flying Jump, similar to that of Tails, making Knuckles the only playable character in the game with two Special Abilities.

Knuckles 55


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