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To serve as a way to celebrate and formally recognize the contributions of Sonic News Network's most dedicated users, the featured user system places the spotlight on a veteran user each month. Featured users are among the users who have made the most revisions to Sonic News Network ever since their arrival. As voted on a poll by the viewers, a new featured user is chosen at the end of each month. The new featured user is featured on the main page with an accompanying interview consisting of a ten-question inquiry for the allotted timeframe.


Users are chosen for the featured user poll based solely on the number of contributions they have made to Sonic News Network. To see which editors have made the most revisions to the site, see Special:Top/community and Sonic News Network:Editcount.

The featured user poll is to include only the "top" eight editors. The current featured user and the preceding three users are to be excluded from the poll to ensure that a diverse group of users are given a chance to be featured user. Users who have neglected to make significant contributions in over a month's time as well as users who have formally announced their absence are also to be excluded from the poll.


The following users are responsible for updating the featured user poll each month. If either of the following users have failed to update the poll, please send each of them a friendly reminder on their respective talk pages.

Current Featured User

  • Since: 11:50, December 3, 2014 (UTC)



With the scent of turkey, pumpkin pie, and undesirable relatives left behind us, we eagerly look forward to the scent of Christmas trees and the sight of Christmas presents. Our early (late?) gift is an interview for one Shadowunleashed13, who in response to becoming Featured User said "I'm actually surprised, considering my general lack of activity as of late." Now on to the interview! Ho-ho-ho!

# 1. Q) Do you feel that even with Sonic Boom video games failing, the sub-franchise still has a chance?

A) Definitely. The video games were undoubtedly the greatest advancement for experimental torture we've seen in the past decade. Based on the critics' raving reviews, I would be shocked if Sega didn't follow up on this psychological success that has already broken thousands of hearts across North America. (In other words, not really)

# 2. Q) Speaking of Sonic Boom, what are your current thoughts on it as a whole (video games, cartoon, and comic)?

A) I'm not sure what to think of the games, but from watching gameplay, Rise of Lyric looks boring and Shattered Crystal seems like a decent platformer (and to clarify my answer to the previous question, I don't actually hate the games). I haven't read the comic yet but I'm expecting more Ian Flynn gold. As for the TV show, I love it much more than I thought I would. I'll definitely be keeping an close eye on the TV show, and a loose one on the comics.

# 3. Q) What are you most hoping for in the next main-series Sonic game?

A) I know I've said in the past that I actually enjoy it when Sega experiments with Sonic, but after Sonic Boom, I hope Sonic Team won't follow in BigRedButton's footsteps and stray too far. I just want a good high-speed platformer, which is really the main reason I play Sonic games. That and the oh-so-joyous surplus of bounce pads.

# 4. Q) If you could pick any fan-character you know of and put them in a canon Sonic game, what character would you pick and why?

A) To be honest, I have yet to see an OC that would fit in a Sonic game. Not to say that I haven't seen some really well-made fan characters.

# 5. Q) Regardless of pairings or shipping or any of that, what two Sonic characters do you think would be able to come together and provide the most functional household, and why?

A) Sonic and chili dogs. Assuming it counts. (Note from interviewer: it doesn't)

# 6. Q) What would you think of a Sonic manga?

A) I thought we'd had Sonic manga in the past. But to answer your question directly, I'm not really a fan of manga.

# 7. Q) How do you deal with it when you see people saying depressing or disparaging remarks about the Sonic franchise and its future?

A) I don't really have a problem when someone makes a comment like that. If they say it in an unnecessarily obscene or inappropriate way, then I might get a little peeved.

# 8. Q) What are your thoughts on fan-created content and its place on SNN?

A) Fan-created content can be fun if done right. I share the popular opinion that it stays away from mainspace, but I would encourage more fan content in blogs and userspace.

# 9. Q) Message Walls or Talkpages, which do you prefer?

A) I prefer the old talk pages because I'm used to them and the notifications for talk pages are separate from forums notifications, whereas with message walls it's harder to tell which notifications are forums and which are message walls.

# 10. Q) You have to live in a household with your favorite and least favorite Sonic characters. How do you see that going?

A) I can already imagine the quality time I'd spend fishing with Big, but I'd probably end up getting jailed for Christopher Thorndyke's brutal murder.


Who should be the next Featured User?

The poll was created at 11:49 on December 3, 2014, and so far 112 people voted.


Each month, the designated featured user interviewer is to ask a question for the community to answer. Monthly questions are asked at Board:Question of the Month.

Current question:

Since it's the holiday season (and totally not because it's 3:45am on a school night) we'll be deferring to Mystic Monkey's Christmas Question special, with three different questions for our community! Spread the cheer and give some answers! Answer here!

Keep up the good work, and please continue to contribute to the Sonic News Network! Good night to all, and to all a good night!

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