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To serve as a way to celebrate and formally recognize the contributions of Sonic News Network's most dedicated users, the featured user system places the spotlight on a veteran user each month. Featured users are among the users who have made the most revisions to Sonic News Network ever since their arrival. As voted on a poll by the viewers, a new featured user is chosen at the end of each month. The new featured user is featured on the main page with an accompanying interview consisting of a ten-question inquiry for the allotted timeframe.


Users are chosen for the featured user poll based solely on the number of contributions they have made to Sonic News Network. To see which editors have made the most revisions to the site, see Special:Top/community and Sonic News Network:Editcount.

The featured user poll is to include only the "top" eight editors. The current featured user and the preceding three users are to be excluded from the poll to ensure that a diverse group of users are given a chance to be featured user. Users who have neglected to make significant contributions in over a month's time as well as users who have formally announced their absence are also to be excluded from the poll.


The following users are responsible for updating the featured user poll each month. If either of the following users have failed to update the poll, please send each of them a friendly reminder on their respective talk pages.

Current Featured User

  • Since: 6:06, June 1, 2015 (UTC)


BlueSpeeder AND Eycestar

It's been a long-time coming and long overdue, rife with issues and complications, but at long last the SNN Featured User is finally coming to you with an updated interview. And while it doesn't make up for the ridiculous delay, it's a very special one; for the first time in the history of Sonic News Network, we have TWO Featured Users! Both long-time members of the wiki and its community, BlueSpeeder and Eycestar are the first Users to share an interview. When asked about how they felt being Featured Users, Blue said "I feel honored to be nominated for Featured User and am thankful for those who voted and supported me. Thanks, everyone." Meanwhile, Eycestar commented with "It's always a pleasure having the opportunity to be Featured User, and it's double the fun to have someone else to be interviewed with." It's been a long wait, but let's get this special occasion rolling!

# 1. Q) What are your guys' thoughts, if any, on the Archie comics and their current direction?

Speeder A) As essentially the Archie Sonic "nerd" of the wiki, I believe the current direction of the comics is a fantastic decision. Blending in the games with SatAM and AoStH elements is not an easy task, and I hope that one day I can hold up the mantle to become the next writer for the Archie Sonic comics.
Eycestar A) I really like the direction the comics are going in. Everything is much closer to the game continuity, and it's fun seeing spins and re-imaginings of (most recently) Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Heroes.

# 2. Q) What characters could you two see doing a crossover with Sonic?

Speeder A) I've always had this idea that Transformers would go in well with Sonic in terms of color, but that's really it. There's another idea I've always thought of with Sonic crossing over with Spider Man or, really, the Marvel universe. Spider Man and Sonic have so much alike in character (the jokester personality, abilities are somewhat alike, and, my personal favorite, when they get angry, the enemy usually doesn't win).
Eycestar A) I think characters from Star Fox would work pretty well for obvious reasons. I would love to see that happen.

# 3. Q) How would you guys feel about a Sonic TV show more directly linked to the main series of games?

Speeder A) I would absolutely love it. Don't get me wrong: Sonic Boom is fine and all, but I prefer something that actually has a story and is more closely tied with the games. I wouldn't mind a modern day revival of SatAM using the current status quo of the Archie Sonic comics.
Eycestar A) A TV show like that would be awesome. I suppose it would be like Sonic X, but with less... Chris?

# 4. Q) Setting for a new Storybook game, go!

Speeder A) Greek mythology. I actually had a fan idea once about Sonic traveling to some Greek mythology world, and believe it or not, I sent it to SEGA in 2011. What did I get back? A letter saying they don't accept fan ideas. But hey, I got a Sonic 20th anniversary pin so it evens out.
Eycestar A) If I had to choose, it would be something a little darker like a plot revolving around Count Dracula, if that counts...

# 5. Q) Name the strongest character you guys think Sonic could beat in a fight, and why.

Speeder A) Sonic's strongest opponents include (but not limited to) Eggman, Metal Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow. It usually requires his wit and jokes to frustrate the enemy. He knows where to strike and how to strike. Out of the four I chose, I believe that Knuckles could be the only character to successfully beat Sonic in a match. I know Eggman has beaten Sonic before, but if we were talking about fist fights, Knuckles is the top contender.
Eycestar A) To me, the strongest characters are those Sonic couldn't defeat on his own. I like to use Perfect Chaos as an example. In Sonic Adventure, he had to defeat Chaos with the Chaos Emeralds. In Sonic Generations, he was able to defeat Chaos without the Emeralds, which shows that he has become much stronger. Would he be able to do the same with Metal Overlord without Tails or Knuckles? Or even Solaris without Shadow or Silver? I don't know about Solaris, but I can definitely see Sonic defeating Metal Overlord all on his own now without support.

# 6. Q) Speed, strength, or flight?

Speeder A) Strength. I mean, do you even lift?
Eycestar A) I like to get things over with as fast as possible, so I guess that would make me Speed.

# 7. Q) If you could have a piece of Extreme Gear what type (or model, If you wanna be specific) would you take?

Speeder A) Hard question: probably Sonic's Blue Star. Only because I like the simplicity of it, the color, and it's the only one I can name off of the top of my head.
Eycestar A) I really enjoyed Shadow's Extreme Gear from the first Sonic Riders game, his Darkness skates. But I also love Silver's Extreme Gear, the Psychic Wave.

# 8. Q) What are your respective favorite super forms?

Speeder A) Darkspine Sonic. I love the color scheme and the origins of how he becomes the form. It's one of those rare moments where Sonic legitimately gets angry (we see him get frustrated but not angry).
Eycestar A) It's a tough choice. For me, it's a tie between Super Shadow and Excalibur Sonic.

# 9. Q) What are your guys' thoughts on the Sonic film being developed by Sony?

Speeder A) Honestly, I rather it be fully CGI and animation, but I'm assuming good faith with the film. Only problem is that it shouldn't be released this year. Sony should take their time with this: they should release the film next year to celebrate Sonic's 25th.
Eycestar A) I've heard about that. I don't really have a strong opinion about it. Just the fact that there's going to be a Sonic film is enough for me to at least give it a try and check it out. I'm looking forward to seeing some promotional material when it's available.

# 10. Q) What are your guys' top nominations for new fighters in SSB4?

Speeder A) As in the people I wanted? Personally, Blaze. It would add another female to the roster and there could totally be some serious awesome moves she can use.
Eycestar A) I'm a big fan of Bayonetta. I'm hoping she can be included as DLC at one point. We'll see!

And that concludes our first dual-interview!

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Each month, the designated featured user interviewer is to ask a question for the community to answer. Monthly questions are asked at Board:Question of the Month.

Current question:
With the start of a new year, let's start things off simple: what's your New Years Resolution?

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Keep up the good work, and please continue to contribute to the Sonic News Network!

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