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To serve as a way to celebrate and formally recognize the contributions of Sonic News Network's most dedicated users, the featured user system places the spotlight on a veteran user each month. Featured users are among the users who have made the most revisions to Sonic News Network ever since their arrival. As voted on a poll by the viewers, a new featured user is chosen at the end of each month. The new featured user is featured on the main page with an accompanying interview consisting of a ten-question inquiry for the allotted timeframe.


Users are chosen for the featured user poll based solely on the number of contributions they have made to Sonic News Network. To see which editors have made the most revisions to the site, see Special:Top/community and Sonic News Network:Editcount.

The featured user poll is to include only the "top" eight editors. The current featured user and the preceding three users are to be excluded from the poll to ensure that a diverse group of users are given a chance to be featured user. Users who have neglected to make significant contributions in over a month's time as well as users who have formally announced their absence are also to be excluded from the poll.


The following users are responsible for updating the featured user poll each month. If either of the following users have failed to update the poll, please send each of them a friendly reminder on their respective talk pages.

Current Featured User

  • Since: 11:42, October 13, 2015 (UTC)



Spooky scary skeletons send SNN seasonal skins~... (ahem) Our latest Featured User is a repeat guest, long-time member and admin Shadowunleashed! In response to being chosen as Featured User once again, he had this to say; "Well, I'm surprised that I'm Featured User again, but I'm definitely not ungrateful." And with those words, we move on to the Featured User interview.

# 1. Q) How do you feel about Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice being delayed?

A) I think the delay itself seems to have been announced a little late. If the game is really so unfinished that it requires another year, shouldn't Sega have known about it earlier? To some degree, Sega seems to like rushed development despite having plenty of time, or botching a game despite an excess of time spent, so I'm hoping this extra year is not wasted.

#2. Q) Do you think SEGA will release anything Sonic-related this year, given the delay?

A) I think they're focusing on mobile games for now; I'm not expecting any other games. This also isn't the greatest time to release Sonic merchandise.

#3. Q) What's your most memorable experience on SNN?

A) For me, I don't think it was just one experience, but what made my time at the Sonic News Network so enjoyable was the abundance of little moments, the quirks of every person, the things we did together on chat, the competitions we started on mainspace, the blogs, the talk pages, the edit wars, the YouTube battles, even the little jokes or the drama...

#4. Q) Do you read the comics? If so, what do you think of them?

A) The best comic book series I've ever read. I really love Ian Flynn's writing, as well as the style of Archie artists like Yardley and Bates.

#5. Q) What video game character would you most like to see get some development?

A) Probably Knuckles, Sega doesn't seem to know what to do with him besides make him stupid. But if you mean in general, I want to see another game for Gordon Freeman.

#6. Q) What's your favorite cartoon series?

A) I'll have to say Steven Universe. It's not exactly aimed at older audiences so it can be a little immature at times; but it's got a certain charm, and it's obvious how much heart was poured into the characters and their interactions. Not to mention that it's a wiki writer's dream to have that sort of continuity.

#7. Q) Do you spend any time on other Sonic-related wikis?

A) I used to do a little at Mobius Encyclopaedia, but for the most part it's just SNN.

#8. Q) Who would you say is the most despicable Sonic villain?

A) I'm going to go with Archie/SatAM Robotnik, I couldn't stand that guy, especially his crazy smile.

#9. Q) What RPG classes would you see some of the primary Sonic characters as?

A) Sonic as a scout, Espio as a thief/rogue, Vector/Knuckles as the generic heavy Knights, and Tails as anything but a healer. Maybe Eggman Nega as an evil mage?

#10. Q) What do you think would be the most amusing AU for Sonic?

A) I'm going to be a killjoy and deflect the question because I honestly don't have a clue.
Who should be the next Featured User?

The poll was created at 11:42 on October 13, 2015, and so far 164 people voted.

And now, for a long time coming, the return of Question of the Month! What is your most frightening memory? Answer here! Happy editing, and happy Halloween!

Past Featured Users

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