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To serve as a way to celebrate and formally recognize the contributions of Sonic News Network's most dedicated users, the featured user system places the spotlight on a veteran user each month. Featured users are among the users who have made the most revisions to Sonic News Network ever since their arrival. As voted on a poll by the viewers, a new featured user is chosen at the end of each month. The new featured user is featured on the main page with an accompanying interview consisting of a ten-question inquiry for the allotted timeframe.


Users are chosen for the featured user poll based solely on the number of contributions they have made to Sonic News Network. To see which editors have made the most revisions to the site, see Sonic News Network:Editcount.

The featured user poll is to include only the "top" eight editors. The current featured user and the preceding three users are to be excluded from the poll to ensure that a diverse group of users are given a chance to be featured user. Users who have neglected to make significant contributions in over a month's time as well as users who have formally announced their absence are also to be excluded from the poll.


The following users are responsible for updating the featured user poll each month. If either of the following users have failed to update the poll, please send each of them a friendly reminder on their respective talk pages.

Current Featured User

  • Since: 11:08, February 2, 2016 (UTC)


It's the month of Valentine's Day (and this year in particular, Deadpool movie), and with romance- or satire and indifference- on the horizon, our latest Featured User is a returning member in more ways than one; Bullet Francisco. In response to his win, Bullet said "It's always nice to be featured on the main page, but I would like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to Kanye West, as he roasted Wiz Khalifa on Twitter the other day. He's also about to drop the hottest album of all time, Waves, on Feburary 11th. That's all." So.... with that advertisement out of the way, on to the interview.

# 1. Q) Supposedly we'll be hearing some news about Sonic come February; how do you feel about this?

A) Anyone who has gotten to know me even in the slightest degree will be able tell you that I am no longer a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is long past its glory days, at least in my opinion. With that said, I do not have many feelings for the announcement that is apparently coming this month. In fact, I did not even have the slightest clue that any news was coming. It was only recently that I learned that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was turning 25 years old this month. However, I do have some sentimental attachment to the series, and thus, I do hold out some hope for the direction the series takes in the future. Another game a la Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations would do wonders for the series. I would not be opposed to more Sonic Boom, either, if only because it is meme-worthy. #AllOfTheBoom

# 2. Q) You recently became an administrator of the SNN again, how does that feel?

A) If I'm perfectly honest: being an administrator of the Sonic News Network once more is a bit surreal. I still feel as if this is a dream and that my alarm clock is going to sound off any minute now. In the past I've been known to repeatedly say "being an administrator is no big deal", and I stand by that statement. It may seem a bit hypocritical or bold of me to say such a thing, but allow me to explain. Being an "administrator" is not the source of my glee; the ability to maintain the wiki with the additional tools is not why I'm beaming. It's the feeling of being accepted and trusted by the community once more that has me so joyous. And it's fun to just have the tools. :3 #IMadeIt #Winning #Blessed

# 3. Q) Despite the console game being an utter failure and the handheld game doing average at best, Sonic Boom nonetheless received a sequel. What do you think of this?

A) Sonic Boom is love. Sonic Boom is life. #AllOfTheBoom

# 4. Q) Fighter, Mage, or Thief?

A) This is probably the standard answer, but I am going to say Mage. Why, you may ask? Why, because Ahri is a mage, and Ahri is waifu, of course! #Bae #Waifu #TooManyWaifusWillRuinYourLaifu

# 5. Q) What do you think of the Sonic Boom TV series? Would you rather another TV series based on the main game series?

A) No, that would be cringeworthy and terrible. Sonic Boom is an unprecedented masterpiece; it's one of a kind. It may be generations before people acknowledge it, but Sonic Boom may be the greatest animated television series of all time. #AllOfTheBoom #EvenMoreBoomThanTheLastCommentEntails

# 6. Q) What are your interests outside of the Sonic News Network?

A) The only "interest" that I am going to mention here is my love for anime. I would not categorize it as an "interest", but as a "lifestyle". My favorite anime include Hunter x Hunter (Machi is waifu), Angel Beats! (Yuri is waifu), Nisekoi (Chitoge is waifu), and Charlotte (Nao is waifu). #Anime4Lyfe #Otaku #TooManyWaifusWillRuinYourLaifu

# 7. Q) Who are your friends here on the Sonic News Network?

A) Journalistic (better known as his superior online alias, SonicTheHedgehogDude) and GraveEclipse567 (better known as SpyroSonic2000 aka the president of the Bullet Francisco Fan Club), as they are two-thirds of the Reckless Administrator Tag-Team™. I am of course the other one-third. #RecklessAdminTagTeam #WinningWhileTwinning

# 8. Q) If you had to speculate as to what Sonic's top speed is, what would it be?

A) Sonic is faster than light. For starters, with the light speed dash, Sonic is faster than light, hence the name. If you're skeptical about that, in Sonic Adventure 2 it outright says Sonic is faster than light with the light dash shoes. This also happens in Sonic Unleashed. Without the light dash shoes, there's also the fact that Sonic has moved so fast that he has time traveled. He also "fixed space" by accelerating through space. Time travel and "fixing space" are pretty ridiculous feats. Another impressive feat is that he nearly escaped a black hole. Not even light cannot escape that shiz. In case you still don't believe me, Sonic was confirmed to be faster than light here. But hey, that's just a theory! A Game Theory! Thanks for watching! #MatthewPatrick13 #GameTheory

# 9. Q) What Sonic character would you say you share the most similarities with, personality-wise?

A) None. Every last character has an unrealistic trope personality. If you force me to give you an answer, I would probably say Chris Thorndyke or Omochao. I tend to anger people here on the Sonic News Network so those characters would match my traits the best. lol jk Sticks the Badger for life. #AllOfTheBoom #IDontEvenWatchSonicBoom

# 10. Q) What characters do you think most represent the animals of the Chinese Zodiac?

A) Uhhhh, as far as I know we do not have any accurate dates for what Earth-year any of the characters were born in. As such, I'll go with the obvious answer and say that Cream the Rabbit most accurately represents the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog looks like an overgrown Rat dyed blue so I think it wouldn't be a stretch to say that he accurately represents the Chinese Zodiac Rat. If anyone is wondering what my Chinese Zodiac is, I'm a Gemini. #Trolol #AstrologicalSignsAreBetterThanChineseSigns

Interviewed by Kagimizu (talk) (contributions).

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For Valentine's Day, let's do something a wee bit different; anyone have any crushes/spouses/significant others they'd like to make a shout out to? Answer here! Happy editing, and happy New Year!

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