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To serve as a way to celebrate and formally recognize the contributions of Sonic News Network's most dedicated users, the featured user system places the spotlight on a veteran user each month. Featured users are among the users who have made the most revisions to Sonic News Network ever since their arrival. As voted on a poll by the viewers, a new featured user is chosen at the end of each month. The new featured user is featured on the main page with an accompanying interview consisting of a ten-question inquiry for the allotted timeframe.


Users are chosen for the featured user poll based solely on the number of contributions they have made to Sonic News Network. To see which editors have made the most revisions to the site, see Special:Top/community and Sonic News Network:Editcount.

The featured user poll is to include only the "top" eight editors. The current featured user and the preceding three users are to be excluded from the poll to ensure that a diverse group of users are given a chance to be featured user. Users who have neglected to make significant contributions in over a month's time as well as users who have formally announced their absence are also to be excluded from the poll.


The following users are responsible for updating the featured user poll each month. If either of the following users have failed to update the poll, please send each of them a friendly reminder on their respective talk pages.

Current Featured User

  • Since: 12:03, January 9, 2015 (UTC)



With the New Year underway, we start a new year of wiki progression and Featured User interviews. We start this new year with one Ultrasonic9000, who said in response "As always, I feel honored and proud of myself. It gives me the feeling that people really appreciate my extensive efforts." And with that, we get on to the meat of the first interview of the year.

# 1. Q) What's your resolution for 2015?

A) I will try to become more physically active. I will try to get outside more often for some fresh air and I will try exercising more.

# 2. Q) How do you think Sonic will fare in 2015?

A) This is kinda hard for me to say. I am pretty sure the... limited success with the Sonic Boom games will linger well into 2015, but I also think there will be a little hype regarding what the Sonic Boom franchise and the Worlds Unite crossover will offer. Overall, I think Sonic will not fare better in 2015, but will neither fare worse. I guess think it all comes down to whatever move Sega makes next.

# 3. Q) What was your proudest wiki moment of 2014?

A) I do not have a single moment that I am proud of, but I do have several moments that come together as one. In short, my proudest moments are the times when I get a proportion of the Sonic Boom universe down. I pride myself of being able to get the information down as they present themselves.

# 4. Q) What was your saddest wiki moment of 2014?

A) My saddest moment would have to be around April 11. That day, I got out of my bed, ready for another perfect day when I got into an argument with one of the users over unauthorized usage of a template I had designed. I got pretty furious in front of the other users which let to them expressing some opinions about me that really hurt, and it made me question of whether if I could continue working on SNN if I had to follow the guidelines here. As such, I tried to leave SNN indefinitely and that was an empty period for me. It only lasted only a week though.

# 5. Q) What was your happiest moment of 2014 overall?

A) My happiest moment in 2014 would have to be when I finished my basic education in trade and service with an A in everything.

# 6. Q) What do you remember most about 2014?

A) I remember most of all my different arguments/discussions with other users here on SNN. The different ideals, personalities and viewpoints are both hard walls I struggle against and as well examples that I admire and ultimately respect. As such, I keep them as a constant reminder of how I can improve myself as an editor.

# 7. Q) How would you say you've changed, if at all, from New Years 2014 to today?

A) I would say I have matured in terms of acceptance. I am not as stubborn as I used to be and I am more open towards others' opinions. I am also more acceptant others' work (even of I not always agree with it) and allow them to try out on their own and provide gentle directions instead of being blunt and threating them harshly. Looking back at how I used to behave, I think I was a big jerk. As an editor, I have also learned the value of shorter and more direct articles over over-detailed work, which is a big change in my opinion.

# 8. Q) How do you feel SNN has changed over that same period of time?

A) I would say SNN has gotten a little edgier. There have been a lot of strong personalities this year and that has lead to a lot revisions of how we behave and what we should tolerate. I am not so much into the community behind the scenes, but I have noticed SNN has gotten overall more tense.

# 9. Q) How do you think SNN will change over the next year?

A) I think SNN will gain more direct guidelines and a new structure. It will probably take up new rules and niches, and the norms and basic structure for the articles will probably be revised.

# 10. Q) What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

A) I look forward to two things: the first is more news from the Sonic Boom universe since it is a new chapter in the Sonic history that I have dedicated myself to document to the best of my ability. The second is getting an internship for what I think will be my dream job and what I think will fit my personality just right.


The poll is now closed.


Each month, the designated featured user interviewer is to ask a question for the community to answer. Monthly questions are asked at Board:Question of the Month.

Current question:

With the start of a new year, let's start things off simple; what's your New Years Resolution? Answer here!

Keep up the good work, and please continue to contribute to the Sonic News Network!

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