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I apologize to all for the extended delay, but here's our featured user interview for the month of turkey and pumpkin pie. When asked how he felt about his featured user win, Murphy said "Pretty good, I feel estatic (whatever that means)". And now to the interview itself.

# 1. Q) What first attracted you to the wiki?

A) I had been a Sonic fan for quite a while before I came, pretty much the only game that'd plant a smile on my face. I was unregistered for a while. Then, I made an account so I could upload images.

# 2. Q) What was your first Sonic game?

A) Shadow the Hedgehog. My first Sonic game, which was the game belonging to my absolute favourite character. Inside the box, was a little pamphlet advertising other SEGA titles, that's when I became a Sonic fan

# 3. Q) Did you ever make a fan-character?

A) I made several at one stage, but scrapped them all except one: EXP. EXP is a chameleon (obvious recolor of Espio) who appears a lot with Namesiw (SalaComMander's fc). It's often wondered where the origin of EXP's name comes from. One day, I was tryin' to make a fan character, so I modified an Espio sprite. After finishing it, I was saving it, but couldn't think of a file name. I quickly typed "EXP.png" (with EXP being short for experimental, as he was merely an experimental fc), then I thought EXP has a nice ring to it, so I kept it.

# 4. Q) Who are your friends on the wiki?

A) My best friend was 58SlugDrones! She left a long time ago, we were pretty close. I have a lot of other good friends such as Myself 123, Ultimatedude127, Sacorguy79, Jake the Hedgehog, Bullet Francisco, SalaComMander, and alot of others (anyone I left out, I swear I didn't do it on purpose!)

# 5. Q) Anything that particularly frustrates you about the wiki?

A) I used to get annoyed when users would copy ideas like the scrolling image code. I used to get really annoyed about talkbubbles. It was actually one of the reasons why I left SNN a while ago. I'd come home from school, check a few message on dA, then I'd come to SNN only to find a couple of users asking for me to make them a talkbubble. This happened on several occasions, and was really a chore.

# 6. Q) Any pet projects or ideas you have for SNN?

A) Currently, I'm in comic-making. I'm making a comic based on the story of EarthBound, but I'm using Sonic characters. I named it MobiusBound.

# 7. Q) What are your other interests beyond Sonic?

A) My biggest interests would be Dragon Ball Z, Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda and Mother (EarthBound)

# 8. Q) What's your fondest memory of your time on the wiki?

A) I suppose the day I became an Administrator. Man, I felt like such an acheiver that day. It really gave me a sense of purpose on SNN

# 9. Q) Who were your biggest inspirations on the wiki?

A) I comics are my pride 'n' joy!

# 10. Q) What are your plans for your future on the wiki?

A) When I FINALLY finish MobiusBound, I'll probably start a Mother 3 parody. After that, I'm gonna take a long cooling off period (from comic-making, not editing) until I feel like making comics again.
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Interviewed by Kagimizu (talk) (contributions)

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