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Quotation1 Increase your Tension Gauge level by one bar. Quotation2
Description, Sonic Rush Adventure[1]

The Tension Bonus[2] (テンションボーナス Tenshonbōnasu?) is a recurring Item Box power-up in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When obtained, this power-up can fill up the Tension Gauge.


The Tension Bonus' icon on the Item Boxes containing them varies in design, though they generally feature an arrow. As its name implies, when picking up the Tension Bonus, the player's Tension Gauge will be recharged by one bar, allowing usage of the Super Boost/Fire Boost.

Game appearances

Sonic Rush

The Tension Bonus made its first appearance in Sonic Rush. In this game, it can be obtained from Item Boxes marked with a sparkling blue upward-pointing arrow surrounded by yellow rings. It is not too common though.

Sonic Rush Adventure

In Sonic Rush Adventure, the Tension Bonus can be found in Item Boxes with icons depicting a upward-pointing blue arrow and the word "UP" in their corner. Like in Sonic Rush, they are not commonly encountered.

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