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This article is about the stage in Shadow the Hedgehog (game), for information about the space station, see Space Colony ARK.
The ark shot1
Shadow shooting the ARK's defensive system
Appearances and Overview
First appearance

Shadow the Hedgehog
(Only appearance)



Stage theme(s)

Space theme

Previous stage

Central City
The Doom

Next stage

GUN Fortress
Black Comet

(story mode)
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Boss fight

Blue Falcon

The ARK is a stage in the game Shadow the Hedgehog. The ARK is one of five fifth stages and can be reached by completing the Dark mission of Central City, or the Dark mission of The Doom.


This level can only be accessed by evil means; either by destroying Central City with the five blockbuster bombs or reliving Shadow's massacre of G.U.N. troops half a century ago in The Doom. Whichever method is used, Black Doom seems satisfied enough at Shadow's pure dark leanings to place him in the vanguard of the attack on the Space Colony ARK. Warping both of them into space, Doom orders Shadow to go ahead of the main army and take out the ARK's defensive matrix, thereby ensuring the Black Arms forces will have a clear path to the Eclipse Cannon.

The exterior of the ARK is choked with mechanical rubble, presumably shaken off the superstructure during the abortive colony drop at the end of Sonic Adventure 2. Making matters even more difficult is G.U.N., who is continuing their orbital defensive strategy; floating military robots and the ARK's own defenses (green energy barriers) also impede the Arms' progress. Shadow can either follow Doom's orders and clear a path, or bypass the defenses and fly into the space station alone.



Guide Mission Objective Tips
Baddoom Destroy the ARK's defenses! Destroy the four defense units. The defense units are triangular-winged, slightly cone-shaped, and green. You are able to use a Black Volt or a gun to destroy the defense units.


A ≥ 36,000 points
B 33,000 points
C 26,000 points
D 10,000 points
E < 10,000 points

Leads to: GUN Fortress


Get aboard the ARK!

Objective: Reach the Goal Ring.

Tips: Don't disembark from the Black Volt once you are on. Just try to keep its health full. There are two locations in the stage where you can refill its health.


A ≥ 37,000 points
B 34,000 points
C 27,000 points
D 10,000 points
E < 10,000 points

Leads to: Black Comet


There is no Hero mission for The ARK.

Boss: Blue Falcon

Boss's Affiliation: G.U.N.

Guide: None

Tips: Get the pistol out of the weapon container and use the spring to reach the upper level. Attack Blue Falcon's missile launchers, then use the dropped launchers when they are destroyed.


Rank Time (Mins)
A ≤ 1:50
B 2:30
C 3:00
D 3:30
E > 3:30

Behind the Secret Door

Three extra lives.


Prima Official Game Guide for Shadow the Hedgehog


  • The ARK's level structure bears a great resemblance to Final Chase and Final Rush, the final levels of either story of Sonic Adventure 2, the latter of which being Sonic's last stage of the Hero story.
  • The BGM of this stage can be recognized as a remix of the Final Rush BGM.
  • The boss for this stage,"Blue Falcon", is the exact name of Captain Falcon's racer in the series F-Zero.
  • This is one of the three stages that involve the F-6r Big Foot Walkers.
  • When the player hits the Goal Ring a Chaos Emerald can be seen, however, Shadow does not collect it until after the Blue Falcon is defeated.
  • When the player hits the Goal Ring, Shadow will go into his "complete mission" stance. But if you pay attention to Shadow's character model, it will sink into the floor.
  • This is the only stage without a hero character or a hero mission.
  • At the beginning of the level, if you go back a few feet, the Eclipse Cannon can be seen in the background.

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