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"The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca" is the twenty-second episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. As the name suggests, it consists of two shorter stories, each approximately ten minutes long. It was written by Len Janson and Pat Allee and was first aired on 5 November 1994.

"The Odd Couple"



During the winter in the Great Forest, Sonic and Antoine attempt to guide Dulcy down safely into Knothole in the middle of a snowstorm. Unfortunately, due to Antoine's poor air visibility, Dulcy crashes into most of the huts. Fortunately, Sonic alarms some of the in inhabitants of Knothole, who then abandon their huts before Dulcy demolishes them. Later, while Antoine is relaxing in his hut, Sonic barges in, with a suitcase full of his socks, telling him that they're going to be "roomies" until the snowstorm stops, so he can start rebuilding his hut, much to Antoine's dismay, whom faints upon hearing this news. While Antoine and Sonic are waiting out the storm, a series of vignettes occur: Antoine tries to throw Sonic's sneakers outside after seeing that they are dirty, letting snow into the hut into the process. Later, Sonic makes some chili dogs, and while getting the chili, accidentally splatters it onto Antoine's face, causing him to faint in frustration. Some time after that, after Antoine comes to, he finds that there are dirty dishes everywhere, and sees Sonic sitting at the table with his legs up, eating the last chili dog. The sight of this manages to make Antoine go a little crazy, making Sonic believe that Antoine really wanted a chili dog. Finally, later that night, Sonic begins to "sleeprun", dreaming he is in Robotropolis facing down Robotnik. The noise caused by this wakes up Antoine, who is now at the point of a nervous breakdown. He finally snaps, deciding "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." He then proceeds to tear up his hut. Sonic wakes up and after seeing Antoine going insane, he leaves. The noise disturbs some of the Freedom Fighters. They come to see what the source of the noise is, and narrowly avoid getting hit by one of Antoine's cushions. Sally then asks Sonic what is wrong with Antoine. Sonic states he has no idea, and states he will begin rebuilding his hut immediately, adding he has had enough of Antoine. Then a tree crashes onto Antoine's hut. But inside, the sounds of Antoine screaming and laughing maniacally continue...


  • This is the only episode in the series that reveals Sonic's feet.
  • There is a running gag in this episode of Antoine fainting and using ice packs; he first uses a normal sized ice pack, and then he uses a comically oversized one after that.
  • If one was to pay attention to the background in Antoine's hut, then one could see that Antoine keeps a framed picture of Princess Sally on the wall of his hut.
  • This episode is named after Neil Simon's play of the same name and the 1970s TV sitcom based on the play.




Rotor builds a robot named "Ro-Becca". It was built to take orders from Rotor. When Rotor leaves Ro-Beca alone to get something he needs to help it work properly, Antoine accidentally activates it. Since Ro-Becca doesn't have everything she needs to work properly, she tries to help Antoine instead of taking orders from Rotor (which is more of an annoyance to Antoine).


  • The plot of this episode is very much an homage to the Frankenstein movies in several ways: Rotor creates an artificial creation on a dark and stormy night, putting him in the position of Dr. Frankenstein; Antoine is his assistant, putting him in the position of Igor; and Ro-Becca is an artificial creation brought to life through lightning, putting her in the position of Frankenstein's monster, although she sports the same hairstyle as most cultural depictions of the Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Another reference to Frankenstein is when Antoine repeats the famous line of "It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!" after Ro-Becca is activated.
  • When Antoine talks in a "foreign accent" in the episode in an attempt to rid himself of Ro-Becca, he sounds very much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, even saying a variation of Schwarzenegger's famous "hasta la vista, baby" line from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • Towards the beginning of the episode, when Antoine makes his first appearance, a variation of the symphonic poem The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas can be heard.

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